Beauty exists all around us. We all are beautiful the way we are but our hectic lives and inability to spare time steals our natural glow and freshness – right under our noses.

Dermal fillers serve the exact required purpose; they restore your natural beauty and enhance the features. This unique and modern technique gives you a youthful look by spending only a fraction of what the traditional methods cost.

What Do The Dermal Fillers Do?

To inject dermal fillers is far better than going through cosmetic surgeries as it is a noninvasive procedure. Dermal fillers are injected locally to bring back the natural glow that has vanished and the freshness that has faded. They are most commonly used to remove the wrinkles and lighten the trouble scars. As they fill in the space, they are referred as “volumizers”. Unlike Botox injections that numb the skin below the wrinkles (which have more harmful effects), dermal fillers fill the wrinkles, lines and creases with specific substances. As a result, the spots fade and the skin gets even toned. Not only this, dermal fillers are used for their plumping and lifting effects as well. With the use of dermal fillers, depending on the site of injection: wrinkles are removed, spots almost disappear, lips are plumped and the cheeks, jawline, chins and temples are lifted. With all the benefits of dermal fillers, there lies a dark side too – dermal fillers can cause allergic reactions and small bumps can be formed under the skin.

How Much Safe Are Dermal Fillers In Pregnancy?

If you had dermal fillers injected a while ago and now discovered that you are pregnant, there is no need to panic as there is a good news for you. There are many other women like you who later gets to know about their pregnancy. With the large number of women going through the treatment of dermal fillers combines with the fact they may not know they are pregnant within first 6 to 8 weeks, you are not alone! Generally, dermal fillers are safe for your growing fetus. And here is why:

  • Locally Injected:

Any foreign or harmful material that enters the circulation may affect the fetus (your baby to be born) as the fetus is supplied by the maternal blood circulation. On the other hand, the chemicals that don’t come in contact with the bloodstream are typically safe for the growing fetus. As, dermal fillers are injected locally at the treatment site; either in muscles or the layer under the skin and not intravenously (in veins), the chemicals are highly unlikely to enter in the blood circulation.

  • Stable Chemicals:

The other reason why dermal fillers are safe in pregnancy is because the chemicals used in dermal fillers are stable compounds. This means they tend to remain bound at the specific local site and does not slip pass the blood. This further reduces the chance of dermal fillers interfering in the blood circulation and the fetus remains safe.

  • Low Amounts:

Dermal fillers are injected in low amounts, which again further decrease the chances of affecting the fetus.

  • Statistics:

Researches do not find any relation between the dermal fillers used in pregnancy and babies born with birth defect. You must have heard about the cause-effect relationship between the two if one existed. Unfortunately, birth defects in babies are common (due to numerous other reasons). Hence it becomes inconsequential whether you had the dermal fillers injected during pregnancy or not.


What Can You Do To Be On The Safe Side?

Although apparently, there is no connection between the dermal fillers negatively influencing the baby to be born, the exact interrelation is yet to be established. That is because it is an area requiring extensive research and validity of the little data that we have is questionable. There is no chance of being 80-20 with the matter as sensitive as this, so you need to be hundred percent sure! For more information about dermal fillers checkout this page.

Even though it is less likely that dermal fillers have detrimental effects on the fetus, doctors advise the patients for the termination of pregnancy before getting the treatment, just to be on the safe side. Therefore, you are not suggested to go through this noninvasive technique to enhance your beauty if you are planning to get or already are pregnant. There is an even more beautiful thing going to come in your life. To negate any possible adverse effects on your little one yet to be born, you need to be extra vigilant about the little new life.



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