Getting a perfect look naturally without any help is quite a difficult thing to do. Sometimes, it is even entirely impossible to change your appearance on your own! That is exactly why facial fillers were invented – to help you feel better about yourself and finally get that perfect look you have always dreamed about.

But as with everything, facial fillers also have some risks and dangers involved. Despite being one of the safest cosmetic treatments ever to exist, some side effects and unexpected complications can occur, and this short guide is meant to give you insight on the topic before you decide to go with the treatment.

Most common side effects

These side effects usually occur immediately after the treatment are nothing to worry about. As with almost any cosmetic treatment, these side effects happen due to the nature of applying facial fillers, and include:

  • Redness
  • Pain
  • Bruises
  • Swelling
  • Itching

If you decide to go with the treatment, get mentally ready to face some of these issues. The area around the place of injection gets a bit red and swollen, and might even itch a bit, but that should last only about a week or so, two weeks at most. Remember not to scratch your face around that area, at least for some time.

Less common side effects

While facial fillers are as safe as cosmetic treatments come, there is still a thing or two which might always go wrong during the procedure. The most often complication happens when the tools used or the environment of the operation is not sterile. This, in turn, might create an infection, as germs get into the little wound the injection creates. While an infection can be often quickly healed, it is still better to make sure you are going with the treatment in a renowned clinic which uses only sterile equipment.

Another side effect which can be easily averted is an allergic reaction to the filler. Since facial fillers use a very wide variety of substances to produce the desired effect, you may happen to be allergic to some of them. That is exactly why every doctor who has a good head on their shoulders does not let their patients go on with the treatment before they take an allergy test. Such a test involves testing a variety of fillers to find the one best suited for you. Make sure to do such a test – there is no need to create unnecessary danger.

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A very unfortunate and quite rare side effect is lumping under the skin where the filler was applied. While this is most often caused by small bruised underneath the filler, which should disappear after a weak or so, sometimes they may be created by the doctor not really knowing what they are doing. Inexperienced doctors could under-fill or over-fill the area or produce an asymmetric effect, as the treatment is quite demanding to conduct properly. That is precisely why you should always search for a renowned clinic and not a backstreet salon which offers cheap prices.

Rare side effects

These side effects are extremely rare, having happened only in a very small fraction of treatments, so you do not have to really worry that they will also happen to you. However, there is still a very small chance of these side effects occurring, and you should probably know about them.

One of the most feared side effects is tissue death, or necrosis, which happens when the filler is improperly placed and blocks the blood flow underneath the skin. This makes the tissue of the skin slowly die, as no blood is flowing there anymore. The best way to avoid such a complication is to use the services of a professional – always get the best available doctor and don’t go cheap on yourself.

Another quite scary yet very rare side effect of facial fillers is blindness, most often only temporary. Blindness occurs when the filler gets injected by mistake into an artery, which stops the blood from reaching the eye. This is most often immediately diagnosed and can be averted – but there is still a risk of some permanent damage.

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