Aging is a lifelong process that no one can escape. As we age, facial changes become more evident which can be seen through the loss of volume and skin elasticity. Your cheeks tend to lose vigor while your malar fat pads tend to sag under the force of gravity. At times, your cheekbones become less prominent while jowls become more obvious.

To combat this dilemma, cosmetic surgeons offer cheek filler augmentations that will enhance your facial aesthetics. The effect is designed to subtly boost natural younger-looking facial features. The cheek augmentation filler aims to “uplift” not just your sagging cheeks but also your outlook in life.

What is a cheek augmentation filler?

Cheek augmentation fillers are a cosmetic facial contouring technique that amplifies the volume of the malar and improves the prominence of the cheekbone. This cosmetic procedure aims to provide balance in seemingly less defined facial features

A cheek augmentation filler treatment may use either synthetic or biological substances to acheive its goal. The use of synthetic substances like porex or silicone may be augmented through surgical incisions made in the mouth or lower eyelids. The use of biological substances like hyaluronic acid is a less-invasive technique as fillers are injected into your cheek.

Cheek augmentation fillers are a good alternative for patients who opt for less or non-invasive treatments and are not fond of implants. This procedure will give you fuller facial features with a more pronounced cheekbone.

Goals of Cheek Augmentation Filler

The primary goals of cheek augmentation filler procedures are to add facial and cheek volumes. It boosts cheek contour and cheekbone prominence while promoting a more rejuvenated skin and younger-looking appearance.

Facial Volume

The common causes of facial volume loss include weight loss, extreme sun exposure, smoking, excessive alcohol drinking, medical conditions, and aging. Loss of facial volume happens when parts of the face begin to lose their structural support. A decline in the production of natural collagen also causes loss of facial volume.

In this ever-evolving world, cosmetic clinics offer more than one way of restoring facial volume. Some of the most popular facial volume enhancers include dermal fillers, cheek implants, microneedling, and cheek augmentation fillers.

Cheek Volume

Cheek volume or contour is mainly defined with your mid-face volume, smile lines, jawline, and nasolabial folds. Loss of cheek volume results from several factors such as genetics, congenital deformities, trauma, and aging.

Cheek augmentation fillers are good options for those who lost cheek tissues in the cheekbone area. This treatment offers favorable results that improve cheekbone structures and boost fuller cheeks. This procedure can also put an end to hollow or sagging cheeks.

Manifestations of diminishing facial and cheek volumes are signs that natural collagen and elastin are slowly diminishing and gradually ceasing their production. Although there is nothing you can do about the continuous process of aging, there is something you can do to combat your diminishing facial and cheek volumes.

Cheek Augmentation Filler Procedure

People with bleeding disorders, allergic reactions to filler ingredients, and pregnant or lactating moms are advised not to undergo eye augmentation filler procedures. If you have a healthy body with no chronic health conditions and are not a smoker or excessive alcohol drinker, you can be a good candidate for this cheek enhancement treatment.


If you have decided or are still contemplating whether or not to get a cheek augmentation filler treatment, it is best to seek your trusted cosmetic doctors’ advice. 

Here are the most important pointers that your doctor may discuss during the consultation:

  • What part or parts of your cheek need the augmentation filler;
  • How your cheek augmentation filler treatment will proceed;
  • The things you need to do before the procedure to prepare yourself for the treatment;
  • How much it will cost depending on the results you desire;
  • The benefits and risks of cheek augmentation filler treatment; and
  • What you need to do during the recovery period.

For a more elaborate consultation, make sure to disclose all details regarding your medical history, previous surgical procedures, medications, and other pertinent information that may affect your cheek augmentation filler procedure. This way, your cosmetic doctor would know how to deal with any unwarranted situation and may recommend options suitable for your needs.


After the consultation, you will be given about two weeks to prepare for the procedure. In case you are under medication, you may need to consult with your physician to ensure that you are not taking any blood-thinning medicines like aspirin. You will also be given some guidelines on the DOs and DON’ts before your cheek augmentation filler procedure.

Procedure Proper

The procedure starts with the marking of injection points on the cheek, then a topical anesthetic or sedative will be applied to the injection area. Once the injection area is ready, cheek augmentation fillers will be administered into the marked injection points. Controlled amounts of fillers will be gradually injected to ensure that the appropriate amount of fillers are administered.

The entire cheek augmentation filler treatment is a straightforward procedure that will last between twenty to thirty minutes. After the procedure, you will see instantly noticeable results. Downtimes are minimal, hence, you can drive home after the procedure and even return to work straight away. However, before going home, your doctor will give you a list of things you need to do during your recovery period to ensure optimized results.


Although cheek augmentation filler treatments have minimal downtime, it is important to keep the upshot of your treatment. First on the list is to sleep on your back and avoid sleeping on your cheeks. Putting pressure on your newly treated cheeks may cause the fillers to get dislodged which may result in filler migration.

You should also avoid exerting too much force or doing strenuous activities within the next forty-eight hours following the procedure. When applying facial creams make sure to do it gently. You should also consult your cosmetic doctor to know the right creams suitable for your cheek augmentation fillers.

Prevent unnecessary contact on the affected area and keep your face clean and dry at all times. In case of severe and prolonged pain, discomfort, and swelling, consult and seek the advice of your cosmetic surgeon immediately.

Advantages of Cheek Augmentation Fillers

Safe Non-surgical Technique

Cheek augmentation filler treatments are safe non-surgical procedures that can help reverse the effects of aging. It uses FDA-approved fillers to ensure safety, and no incisions are necessary since fillers are administered by injecting them into the injection points. Also, procedures are done in a clean and sterilized environment.

Fast and Comfortable

Controlled amounts of cheek augmentation fillers are gradually injected into the injection points to reduce discomfort. The procedure is quick and straightforward, with minimal downtime. Results are also immediately noticeable after the treatment.

Aesthetic Enhancement

Cheek augmentation filler treatments restore facial balance while creating symmetry and prominence in your facial structures, especially the cheek area. It also helps in stimulating the production of collagen and elastin in your cheeks. 

Effective Results

This cheek enhancement procedure plumps and contours the cheeks while making your cheekbones more pronounced. It also helps boost the loss of cheek volume and skin elasticity. Results are also expected to last from nine to twelve months.

Are Cheek Augmentation Fillers Painful?

Pain and discomfort are minimal for cheek augmentation filler treatments. The procedure starts with the application of topical sedatives or anesthetics to minimize pain during the injection phase. The fillers are administered in a small controlled amount and spread evenly across the cheek area. This way, the tiny needles points are not intensely felt.

Although you may feel some pain, swelling, and discomfort after the procedure, these downtimes are minimal and will mellow down in a few hours. Your doctor will recommend the use of an ice pack or cooling gel pads to soothe the pain and swelling.

Following the guidelines provided by your doctor also helps reduce if not eliminate the risks of prolonged swelling, pain, and discomfort. However, in case long-lasting pain is experienced, it is best to immediately inform your cosmetic doctor.

Why choose cheek augmentation fillers?

Cheek augmentation fillers are easy, fast, safe, and effective. It provides the volume and shape that you desire for your cheeks. It also boosts more prominent cheekbones while promoting younger-looking skin. The use of natural collagen stimulators helps restore skin elasticity and firmness on your cheeks.

This cheek enhancing technique is designed to address the facial imbalance. Dosages can be adjusted according to the patient’s individual and unique needs. This way, your cheek contouring goals can be acheived.

Restore the vibrance and contour of your face with the right cheek augmentation fillers!


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