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10 Celebrities Who Have Used Liposuction to Achieve Their Desired Body Shape

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It seems like every day there is a new celebrity who has admitted to undergoing a liposuction procedure to help them lose weight. Lately, it looks like the process has become so commonplace that you almost expect someone to get it at some point in their lives. If you’re wondering which celebrities are getting it and their thoughts on the procedure, you’re in the right place. With celebrities, liposuction has become a general procedure in recent years, and if you’re interested to know if a star has had liposuction, then this blog is for you. We will run down through some of the most famous ones who openly admit to getting Liposuction Melbourne.

Celebrities Who Use Liposuction

Jamie Lee Curtis

Star of the movie Freak Friday and Psycho, Jaime Lee Curtis, adds another treatment to her list of cosmetic procedures. Along with getting a blepharoplasty and botox in the past, she also admits to getting liposuction. Although she did not always like the results, she continued to get treatments, including a complete plastic surgery treatment. Eventually, she chose not to get any more treatments due to the negative impact on her life.

Kim Kardashian

Yes, it should not surprise to hear Kim Kardashian uses liposuction treatment. Kim and the other Kardashians are no strangers to cosmetic treatments, so when interested in losing a bit of weight to improve her appearance, Kim chooses to get this treatment. Initially, her husband was very much against this and tried to forbid her from getting it. However, Kim didn’t let that stop her and chose to go under the knife anyway. She says that the doctors could suck out almost 17 pounds of fat from her, creating a much slimmer and symmetrical shape for her body.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Cosmetic surgery is not something you often hear from men because they don’t get it or are embarrassed to admit it. However, one man not afraid of admitting it is former wrestler turned actor Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson. He acknowledged that he got fat removal surgery Melbourne while filming the Scorpion King. He also admits that this procedure is purely cosmetic since he thinks his body is too large after wrestling. He reasons that he has to walk around shirtless in most of his movies. If he is going to do that, he wants his body to look perfect.

Susan Sarandon

Another star who has no problem admitting to getting work on her body is Susan Sarandon. She is an open book for cosmetic surgery and openly admits to getting this treatment before. She says she got it under her eyes and chin because she found them looking too big. Rather than seem embarrassed, though, Susan was happy to admit it and even added that she would get even more. While excited, she also understands the risk as she promises not to overdo it. She also says that she does not want to change too much and lose her natural beauty to her fans.

Jane Fonda

This 80-year-old star has one of Hollywood’s youngest and most age-defying faces. While it may seem like all-natural beauty, Jane Fonda admits to getting cosmetic surgery, including this procedure in the past. Thanks in no small part to cosmetic surgery. She reveals many times to getting cosmetic surgery, including liposuction. In her younger years, she was pretty active in getting cosmetic surgery, getting multiple ones in the past to help deal with signs of aging. However, in recent years she admits she regrets some of her decisions. Believing it was just her not satisfied with her appearance and now tries to moderate them. Recently, she realized that she would never get any more cosmetic treatments.

Sharon Osbourne

No stranger to cosmetic surgery, Sharon Osbourne openly admits to using multiple cosmetic treatments in the past. Her favorite is liposuction which she uses in various areas such as butt, hips, back, and abdomen areas. Sharon admits to using this treatment on multiple occasions and says it is for her to maintain her appearance. As a self-declared glutton, she says this helps her keep in shape. She also gets several treatments to help deal with the loose skin after.

Brittney Spears

In October of 2008, Britney Spears made some severe headlines when she appeared on the cover of People magazine’s annual “Most Beautiful” issue. She was barely recognizable, too. Her weight loss can be attributed to liposuction, a procedure that removes fat from specific body areas by making small incisions in the skin. She admits to using liposuction to maintain her appearance when she needs to perform and show herself on stage.

NeNe Leakes

In Star of Real Housewives of Atlanta, NeNe admits to getting plastic surgery and is proud. She says that she uses the treatment to keep her curves and shape her body. After the treatment, she spoke glowingly of the procedure and the pleasing results. “I love what I did. I didn’t want to change my looks. I wanted to look like the black woman I am, only a better version,”. she says after the surgery. While happy with the surgery, she acknowledges the risks and doesn’t intend to overdo it, saying she still wants to look like her.


Beyonce has made a name for herself not just from her singing skills but also because of her beautiful body. Although she denied going through any liposuction treatment in Melbourne for the longest time, in recent years, she and her doctors admit to doing some work on her body. Most of that is usually to smooth out wrinkles or keep her appearance looking sharp. However, among the procedures, she has gotten liposuction. She receives this to maintain her curves and look slim and shapely while on stage.

Kathy Griffin

One of the most famous actresses in the States and most famous liposuction cases belongs to Karhty Grifin. However, more than just having a noticeable change, her case of liposuction nearly cost her life. In her younger years, she admits to trying liposuction because she struggled with low self-esteem and image issues and thought it was a way to improve her appearance. She got the procedure on her lower body, and at first, it seemed like things were fine. However, after a week, she found herself struggling to urinate. When she went to the doctor, she realized that the cause was due to complications after getting liposuction. Although she said she’d never get it again, Kathy admits that she might get another treatment in recent years, just not for a long time.

Mariah Carey

At the top of the music world, it is no stretch to say that Mariah Carey is now stretch to say that she has an appearance to uphold. Mariah is one of the most natural-looking celebrities out there, with only a few minor procedures to modify her appearance, among them liposuction. While this may seem like an effective treatment, the reality is that the treatments she gets are pretty minor. The only purpose is to remove small amounts of excess fats, which goes to show how cosmetic surgery and natural beauty can work together in the right circumstances.


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