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Celebrities Who Got Cheek Fillers

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Celebrities are always trying to look younger, but some of them take it to a whole new level by receiving cosmetic treatment to their face that involves injecting fillers or botox. Most of them got the treatments for enhancing their appearance, which is understandable. After all, they are public figures whose looks are their strongest asset, it only makes sense that they keep up appearances. However, sometimes it isn’t clear just which stars get this treatment and what treatment they get. If you are curious about this thing, then keep reading. We will run through all the celebrities we know who got Melbourne cheek Fillers. if you want to look like them, then now you know what to get for your skin.

Celebrities Who Got Cheek Fillers

Chloe Ferry

This former Geordie Shore star is no stranger to cosmetic treatments. Chloe Ferry considers herself an addict to plastic surgery, and in some ways, it shows. The actress has undergone a complete transformation thanks to multiple cosmetic treatments over the years. This list of treatments includes botox treatments, nose jobs, eyebrow lifts, and of course filler shots. Chloe has gotten at least two dermal filler injections, one for her cheeks and the other for her lips. Chloe has never hidden her love of these filler injections regularly going to get treatments for them. She regularly goes to clinics and even records herself as these treatments happen. According to her, this treatment is meant to make her face and jaw pop. In fact, during one such treatment, she wanted to have the doctor remove some muscle from her cheeks to give more definition to her face.

Now with her beauty salon, Chloe also offers this treatment as well to patients interested in it.

Megan Barton-Hanson

During her stint on Love Island, many were speculating about any works this young starlet went through before arriving at the island. For a while, Megan Barton-Hanson was rather private about the matter, but has recently come out and addressed the rumors about her. She confirmed that she indeed had some cosmetic work before entering the show. In particular, she admits to having a dermal filler treatment before the show. Although she did get several treatments in the past, this was the only procedure she got during that year. she admits this during a video she filmed of herself in the clinic with her surgeon as she received the treatment. There the doctor explains the treatment, calling it a Kylie package which involves applying special skin creams on her face before the dermal injections.

Courtney Cox

Most known for her role as Monica for friends, Courtney Cox is no stranger to dermal fillers. She has a long and checkered history with this treatment. While she denies using cosmetic surgery, she does admit to getting shots of botox and fillers from time to time. This is to retain the smoothness and healthy appearance of her face. However, as of recently Courtney Cox has had second thoughts about her treatment and now had her fillers dissolved. When asked about this, she says it was because she no longer felt like herself after getting them. according to her, she started to find them addicting and began to feel like they were no longer her friend Instead, she now wishes to show off her natural beauty.

Amy Schumer

Another celebrity who changed her mind about dermal fillers is Amy Schumer. This story started when the comedian posted a picture of herself sitting in a doctor’s office while having what appeared to be numbing cream on her cheeks. Later on, another doctor claimed that she treated Amy with dermal filler removal. Amy did not find these results satisfying and wanted to remove them. Amy would later confirm this and admit she found that they were placed in less than ideal places that didn’t flatter her appearance. She even went as far as to jokingly compare herself to the Dinsey villain Maleficent. This led her to decide to dissolve the fillers before they got too bad which was a success.

Cindy Crawford

Famous model Cindy Crawford has also been quite open about the treatment she uses on her face. Rather than hide it, she acknowledges her use of dermal fillers and botox injections. She admits that while she uses products like skin cream on her face, she doesn’t find these enough to retain the elasticity she wants. These have helped keep her face looking fuller and smoother than ever. This is what makes her such an avid user of products like dermal fillers which she regularly gets from her doctor. However, while she is a huge fan of this, she also makes sure to pair it off with a healthy lifestyle. Cindy encourages regular exercise, a good diet, and drinking plenty of water to help maintain the results.

Kaley Cuoco

Well known as a star in 8 Simple Rules and The Big Bang Theory, Kaley Cuoco has been quite open about getting cosmetic treatments in the past. She even admits that these treatments have helped her with her career, making her feel more confident and assertive about herself. Among the treatments, she has gotten include breast augmentation and nose job treatment. However, as this list suggests, Kaley also received treatment for dermal filler injections on her neck. Of course, the unusual thing about it was that she got it when she was 45 far from the usual age range. Instead of getting it to treat wrinkles, Kaley says she requested this treatment to address a line on her neck that has been bothering her since she was little.

However, it is worth noting that while a big fan of plastic surgery, Kaley doesn’t consider it an alternative to simple healthy living. She regularly attends spin classes and yoga sessions and even attempted running to help keep herself in shape. Along with that, she only allows herself to get plastic surgery as a necessity rather than on a whim. This goes those to show how dermal filler Melbourne is no alternative to exercise and a healthy diet.

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