Threadlift is a technique used by plastic surgeons to remove extra skin. It involves the implantation of sutures on the skin to lift and pull the skin back. This folds back the skin and along with it, the wrinkles and sags that you are dealing with. The thread then keeps it in place to give you are more youthful look. Celebrity plastic surgery has some big names from pop culture doing it all the time. You can probably think of a few big names at the top of your head right now. While we generally hear them getting Anti wrinkle Injections or liposuction, what bout Thread Lifts? In this article, we will run through some of the celebrities who got a Melbourne Thread Lift Treatment.

Why do Celebrities Get a Thread Lift

There are plenty of reasons why someone wants treatment like this. For celebrities, I am sure they have even more reasons as public figures. With them, they have an image to maintain, and that requires keeping up appearance as well. This rule applies to any type of celebrity such as musicians, actors, sports stars, and other performers. This means keeping a healthy appearance. Unfortunately, for many of them, their busy schedule makes it difficult for them to do so with conventional means such as exercise. This means undergoing plastic surgery instead.

Among them, thread lit has the advantage as a mostly noninvasive treatment. While it does need incisions, these are smaller and easier to hide behind makeup. That means they do not need to worry about scars marring their image. At the same time, it does its job in helping them look younger and stronger. 

Celebrities Who Got a Thread Lift

Eva Mendes

Like many people, Eva Mendes has found plenty of extra time in her hands with the pandemic in full force. This has made filming and most public appearance nearly impossible to do. In that spare time, the famous star of Fast and the Furious and Children of Corn had decided to get some work done on her face. Last year, she shared an Instagram post saying she got a Mono Thread Lift Treatment. Not only did she get it, but she also admits being quite pleased with the results.

This post got over 80,000 likes with many of her fans being supportive of her decisions. However, more than a few are also confused about what this meant. For many, hearing their celebrity idol is the first time they ever heard of this treatment. If you are among those who do not fully understand this treatment, feel free to take some time and research it.

Gwyneth Paltrow

When it comes to celebrities and cosmetic treatments, Gwyneth Paltrow is certainly no stranger to them including thread lifts. The 50-year-old star is a vocal user of multiple cosmetic treatments, regularly sharing her experiences with them. In 2015 though, Gwyneth shared that she got a thread lift and publically endorsed its use. We would be remiss though if we do not mention that during the time thread lifts were still in their infancy. Back then there were more than a few cases of people unsatisfied with their treatment and trying to fix it. This goes to show how important it is that we have discussions on thread lift Melbourne treatment along with the risks and results they involve.

Kim Kardashian

Probably one of the most famous cosmetic users out there is the one and only Kim Kardashian. Although she mostly talks about injectables, Kim does not limit herself to them alone. The socialite admits that she often uses thread lifts as well and is one of the first to come forward and admit it.

According to her, she considers them to be her secret for young and healthy skin. She uses them along with her traditional filler and injection treatments. The thread lift helps keep her skin tight and folded instead of just sagging out. These treatments together help reduce wrinkles on her skin while keeping a healthy amount of volume. 

However, she isn’t the only Kardashian sister who uses this treatment. Kendal Jenner also admits to using this treatment. This helps maintain her appearance for her modeling career.

Sarah Furgeson

Even the nobility have a fondness for cosmetic treatments. The current Duchess of York as well as the ex-husband of Prince Andrew is a user of thread lift treatment. Just shy of her 60th birthday, Sarah admitted in an interview that she often makes use of cosmetic treatments to augment her appearance. According to her, when she was a child, her skin suffered damage due to her mother using Nivea in the place of sunscreen. To repair this damage as well as signs of aging, she makes use of cosmetic treatments.

She admits that she uses several treatments to do so from simple injections to surgery. Among these many treatments is a thread lift. This is to help roll back the wrinkles that are appearing on her face. She says that all of these treatments are a great help for her in keeping her skin healthy and strong.

Sandra Bullock

For many Hollywood performers, the issue of maintaining appearances is more than just a vanity issue. They need this to continue finding roles in the business. Among the many who understand this is A-list celebrity, Sandra Bullock. The star has gotten multiple treatments in the past to help her retain a youthful appearance. She tends to go for the less invasive treatments that will leave smaller scars though to help with that. However, rather than be ashamed of it, she admits to this and even acknowledges that the practice is much more common than people think.

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