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Causes for Excessive Sweating

Dr. Vi Sharma has worked in the field of cosmetic surgery

He has a Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery, Monash University; and former member of the Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine and the Royal Australian College of General Practice.

The excess sweating problem is a common complaint among people, causing embarrassment, inconvenience, and sometimes embarrassment. However, oftentimes while people know the problem, they do not know where it came from. This can be a problem as one of the main ways to solve a problem is to identify the cause of it. There are many reasons for this problem. Some of them are hereditary, some are due to some medical problems. There are also some other causes. In this blog, we will discuss some of the main causes of excessive sweating. In this article we want to help explain the issue and what are some of the common causes of excessive sweating.

Why Does it Matter What Causes It?

For some people, answering this question seems like it should not be a priority. After all, isn’t it more important to fix the problem? It is a reasonable point but it can be just as important to understand what is causing your excessive sweating. In some cases, as we shall see later, it can lead to understanding other serious issues. However, there are simply times when knowing what causes it is the only way to solve your problem. Melbourne excessive sweating treatment can only work at times if you know what the issue is. This allows doctors to go at the heart of the issue.

Causes of Excessive Sweating

Medical Condition

At the most simple cause, excessive sweating on its own can be a medical condition without something else in the way. Sometimes there is no underlying cause of it. When this happens, people call it Hyperhidrosis. Doctors consider you having Hyperhidrosis when there is no other cause of sweat either from internal or external factors such as temperature, physical activity, or sickness. While this may seem like an anti-climax, this can be one of the easier issues to fix. Since there are no extra factors and issues to consider, doctors do not have to worry about anything else when they treat you. Instead, they can just focus on the sweating.


There is a decent chance that there isn’t a problem with your body but more of the way you live and carry yourself. Certain parts of our lives can affect how much sweat we produce. The most simple ones are things involving our diet as some food, especially those rich in sugar and salt can end up causing us to produce more sweat. Similarly, with exercise, our bodies have a place where they can just let out all their sweat and release all excess fluids. Conversely, lacking exercise doesn’t allow us to let out sweat which just makes the issue even worse. Alcohol and smoking are also other causes of this issue given how these can heat your body and force it to sweat to cool down.

Aside from lifestyle, where you live also plays a role unsurprisingly. We sweat as a response to the area around us in the beginning. This is a way for our body to cool off if things get too hot. Because of that, a place with a hot or humid climate will cause you to sweat much more than usual. This also applies to the time of the year such as with summer. To a certain degree, lifestyle also plays a role here as a hot climate can make you sweat more regardless of whether you are sedentary or active, but you will sweat much more even in an inactive lifestyle.

Lastly, it can also be a result of any medications you might be taking. They usually have side effects that affect different parts of your body such as your sweat glands. This usually happens if they either affect body temperature, in which case your body sweats to try and cool you down. If not, it can be a result of changes in your bodily hormones.

This is another easy fix as lifestyle can easily be addressed with small lifestyle changes. Often your doctor does not even need to get involved beyond giving some advice.

Chemical Changes

Speaking of chemical changes, these are not always a result of issues with your medication. Sometimes these can just be a result of natural changes that go through your body. The best example of this is either puberty or Menopause. During these changes, your body needs to adjust to the chemicals which means for a time you will be experiencing issues in some parts. Your sweat glands are no exception as they tend to be more active during this time. However, as your body begins to get used to it or if you take hormone replacement treatments, the sweating should die down on its own. Once again here doctors do not need to do much since this is usually something your body fixes naturally. If you do require treatment, it will not be an excessive sweating Melbourne treatment but hormone ones.


The most troubling issues can be when this comes as a result of something more serious such as other diseases. Because yes many diseases can cause you to sweat excessively. They can cause sweating for a variety of reasons. For example, they can cause your body to work faster which heats it and forces you to sweat to cool it down. Aside from that, sweating is also a result of chemical changes in your body. When the organs such as the thyroid act up, it can send signals to produce more sweating than you need. Lastly, there is an issue of simply it is a result of a fever.

Many diseases can result in excessive sweating such as heart attacks, diabetes, thyroid issues, leukemia, or malaria. In all these cases it will require serious medical aid to treat you. For that, a regular excessive sweating treatment is not going to be enough. Instead, you may have to undergo serious medical treatment,


It should come as no surprise to learn that stress is another major cause of sweating. We all experience this at some point. When you are busy working or preparing for a date. The next thing we know, your shirt is covered in sweat It from the back to its armpits. Sometimes too much anxiety and stress can constantly have us sweating too much. How this works is the same way as other issues. when we are stressed. Our body feels much hotter as our blood pumps faster and faster and you need to cool down. What doctors can do here is limited but with some relaxation techniques and meditation, you might be able to keep it under control. Here the issue is not medical, but simply a matter of controlling your anxiety in the best way possible.


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