In the past decade, anti wrinkle injections or muscle relaxants have evolved from treating patients with muscle spasticity to now reducing wrinkles, migraines and excessive sweating. However new research has shown new anti wrinkle injections could be helping people through depression.

According to two studies anti wrinkle injections have had long-lasting positive effects on people with depression. One study by psychiatrists in Switzerland compared the symptoms of depression in 30 patients after giving them anti wrinkle injections. What they found was a 47 percent decrease in symptoms of patients over a period of 6 weeks.

migraineOver the years anti wrinkle injections have evolved from a procedure to reduce wrinkles and frown lines to a treatment for various medical conditions, such as migraine headaches, incontinence and even excessive sweating. Now, new research suggests that the anti wrinkle injections might become a leading way to ease depression.

The hypothesis behind these treatments is that facial muscles are used for our facial expressions and therefore relfect our emotional state. The inability of the face to express extreme negative facial expressions has a positive effect on our mental abilities. This does not allowing for a cycle of negative reinforcement to occur.

While this research study might be a new revelation, a counter study published in early 2015 found that doctors still have varying views. A new study has found that 25 people who got anti wrinkle injections were not stated as having any improvement but rather worsening their depression. This was however was based on the patients receiving treatment anti wrinkle injections for improvement in aesthetic appearence rather than depression itself.

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