What is a Brazilian butt lift?

Brazilian butt lift is a clinically proven safe procedure that enhances the volume and shape of your buttocks. This cosmetic procedure is one of the most sought-after treatments of many celebrities and social media personalities.

While not everyone can have a natural bootilicious body, the Brazilian butt lift technique can help you acheive this dream. This is a minimally invasive procedure that considerably modifies the appearance and texture of your buttocks without the harsh aftereffects of surgery.

Why should you choose a Brazilian butt lift over other buttocks enhancing treatments?

A Brazilian butt lift is today’s prevalent and most advanced cosmetic procedure that enhances the contour and size of your buttocks. While other procedures may provide the same effect of buttocks improvement, the Brazilian butt lift offers more amazing advantages.

Here are some benefits of choosing a Toorak Brazilian butt lift procedure:

  • Cellulite reduction: If you are looking to eliminated unwanted cellulite in your abdomen, upper thighs, or hips, and at the same time intends to improve your buttocks, Brazilian butt lift treatment is the right option for you.
  • Tighten sagging butt cheeks: Sagging skin in the buttocks area is one of the common signs of aging. However, the careful administration of a Brazilian butt lift can help fill the area and tighten the loosened skin in the buttocks giving it a smoother and plumper appearance.
  • Safe and cost-efficient: Our Brazilian butt lift treatment in Toorak offers safe and reliable results. Since it also provides a more permanent outcome, the cost of the procedure is indeed worthwhile.
  • Eliminates the risk of complications: Brazilian butt lift uses your own natural fats in improving your buttocks, hence, provides a natural effect on the body tissues. Since the grafting material used is the same fat stores that are extracted from your other parts of the body, chances of tissue rejection is very unlikely.
  • Helps boost self-confidence: Some people feel embarrassed for not having the body contour they desire. If you feel that you need a little boost in your buttocks to boost your confidence, then a Brazilian butt lift procedure will surely do the trick.
  • Wear the kind of dress that you like: Some clothes and outfits seem to not work well with your body. If you feel like your hips need a little trimming while your buttocks need some volume to fit well in your new dress or swimwear, getting a Brazilian butt lift in our Toorak skin clinic can help you acheive this goal. 

Are you an ideal candidate for a Brazilian butt lift?

If you are planning to get a Brazilian butt lift, you must maintain a steady weight for at least three months before your intended date of the procedure. You should also have a good source of fat stores from other parts of your body such as the hips, upper thighs, abdomen, or stomach.

The main goal for getting a Brazilian butt lift is to enhance the size of your buttocks rather than reducing it, hence, patients with flat or small buttocks or with sagging butt cheeks can greatly benefit from this treatment.

What is involved in the Brazilian butt lift procedure?

The Brazilian butt lift is a buttock enhancement procedure known for its amazing results. It helps patients acheive the buttocks contour and size that they have been dreaming of.

The procedure starts with the administration of general anesthesia or epidural anesthetics. This helps reduce any pain and discomfort that you may experience during the procedure. 

If you feel nauseatic after the administration of the sedatives, you may ask your cosmetic doctor for anti-nausea medicine to help you feel more comfortable and relaxed during and after the procedure. Also, if you are allergic to some components of anesthetics, it is important to let your cosmetic doctor know so he or she could find the best type of sedation for you.

After the administration of anesthetics, your doctor will mark the extraction sites on your stomach, hips, thighs, or other parts of the body with enough fat stores. When incisions are made on the extraction sites, the fats will then be extracted with the use of a liposuction machine.

The extracted fats will undergo a purification process before reinjecting them into your buttocks. Similar to the extraction phase, the reinjection phase starts with making incisions on the marked injection sites. A set of cannulas will be placed in the incisions and the fats are gradually injected therein.

After the procedure, your cosmetic doctor will help you wear a compression garment to boost blood and oxygen circulation in the affected areas while promoting a faster healing process.

Recovery DOs and DON’Ts for Brazilian Butt Lift

To ensure that you get the most of your Brazilian butt lift procedure, you must follow the aftercare guidelines that your cosmetic doctor will give you.

Here are some DOs and DON’Ts that may help you acheive more optimum BBL results:

  1. Always wear your compression garments for the next two weeks following the procedure;
  2. Drink plenty of fluids except alcohol-based beverages;
  3. Do not sit directly on your buttocks and use a specialized cushion that will eliminate untoward pressure to your buttocks;
  4. Avoid laying on your back when you sleep;
  5. Do not take blood-thinning medications during your recovery period;
  6. Avoid strenuous physical activities and exercises for the next four to six weeks;
  7. Follow a strict diet to avoid weight fluctuations; and
  8. If you are a smoker, you may need to replace it with a smoke patch during your recovery period.

When will I see the outcome of a Brazilian butt lift?

While the final results may take some time to settle in, your long wait will be very satisfying and worth it. Brazilian butt lift procedures may require at least two to three weeks initial recovery period and about six months for the full recovery time.

In most cases, grafted fats are expected to have fully integrated and stabilized in your buttocks after around six to eight weeks. This means that the reinjected fats have formed and developed as part of your buttocks’ tissues. After six months from the procedure, you will notice that the fats have settled in your buttocks and the long-term results have become noticeable.

Your Professional Brazilian Butt Lift Provider in Toorak

SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors is the leading provider of Brazilian butt lift treatments in Toorak. From consultation to your recovery phase, we are here to help you acheive the buttocks enhancement breakthroughs in our most advanced procedures backed by science and years of practice. We aim to provide butt lifting solutions that are safe, efficient, and reliable while achieving the appearance and texture you desire for your buttocks.

Let our Toorak Brazilian butt lift help you acheive the buttocks shape and size that you have been dreaming of! Visit SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors today!


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