What is a Brazilian butt lift?

Brazilian butt lift is a cosmetic procedure that gives patients more pronounced, jauntier, and more natural-looking buttocks. This procedure uses the patient’s own fat stores that are guaranteed safe and reliable with long-lasting results.

The Concept Behind a Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian butt lift takes excess fats from the body part that is rich in fat stores and then augments them to flat, small, or sagging butt cheeks. It involves a two-process treatment that will benefit your body. That is, extracting the fat from the body part where you do not want it and grafting the same fat stores to the buttocks exactly where you want it.

Using your own fats as the augmentation material gives this butt lift procedure a more natural feel and appearance. Since the grafted fats are a natural part of you, they will likewise behave and synthesize with your buttocks tissues naturally taking on the characteristics of your body tissues. This gives your buttocks a beautifully natural finish.

Why should you choose a Brazilian butt lift?

Our Black Rock Brazilian butt lift is a perfect treatment for those who want to have flawless and perkier buttocks. In some cases, diet and lifestyle may impact the shape of your body. Another factor that has a great impact on your body shape is aging. As people age, they lose the volume in some body parts while they gain in the other parts.

Also, it is most likely that you will inherit the body features of your family members. Indeed, genetics play an important role in the shape and proportion of an individual’s body.

Here are some instances when a Brazilian butt lift may be recommended:

  • For enhancing and reshaping the curves of your lower body;
  • To reduce fat pockets on your thighs, hips, and stomach while envisioning more prominent buttocks;
  • For aspiring more refreshed and appealing buttocks;
  • If you are dreaming of attractively wearing more body fitting clothes; and
  • To have a good balance between the proportions of your upper and lower body parts.

The Brazilian Butt Lift Black Rock

Administering of Anesthesia

Anesthetics or sedatives are administered depending on the amount of fat that will be extracted from your hips, thighs, or belly and transferred to your buttocks. While a small amount of fat transfer may only require the application of local anesthetics, a substantial amount may require general anesthesia or intravenous sedation

If there are allergens found in the sedatives that can adversely affect your stance, you may also ask your cosmetic surgeon for a dose of anti-nausea medicine.

Liposuction: Fat Extraction

After a comprehensive evaluation of the body part where fats are to be extracted, your doctor will mark the appropriate areas where incisions for liposuction will take place. Small inconspicuous incisions will be made where the cannula will be inserted. Then a controlled and slow back and forth motion will be rendered to loosen the fat stores.

Each inserted cannula are attached to a syringe or surgical vacuum to be used for fat extraction. Your cosmetic doctor will help you understand why the amount of fats to be extracted is three times more than the volume you desired for your buttocks.

One of the reasons why the amount of fats for extraction is exceedingly much more than what you expect is because these extracted fat stores will have to undergo a purification process whereby toxins are separated from the fats. Another reason is that some of these fats are absorbed by your blood vessels during the recovery phase.

Injecting the Fats into Your Buttocks

After the purification process of the fats, your doctor will create three to five incisions around your buttocks where the fats will be reinjected. The fats are transferred using a set of syringes attached to the cannulas that are inserted into the incisions or injection sites.

After injecting the fats and the cannulas are withdrawn, the incisions for the liposuction and fat transfers are sutured to close up the wounds and prevent unwanted bleeding. After which your cosmetic surgeon will suit you up with compression garments to improve the blood flow in the treated areas and minimize the risks of bleeding.

Patient’s Recovery Phase

After the procedure, you will feel and see a noticeable difference on your buttocks, however, this may include the extra volume of fats intended for blood absorption. While the actual shape and volume are gradually developing, you should be taking all precautionary measures during the recovery phase.

Following a post-operation care regimen provided by your cosmetic surgeon can help in the healing process of the treated areas. This can also ensure that notably natural-looking results are acheived. However, the final results will still be visible at least six months to one year from the procedure.

Aftercare Guidelines for Brazilian Butt Lift

The success of your recovery rests on your efforts in fulfilling the aftercare guidelines set by your doctor. Always wear your compression garments for the next two weeks following the procedure and drink plenty of fluids except alcohol-based beverages.

During this time, you should also avoid smoking and taking blood-thinning medications. You should also follow a strict diet to avoid weight fluctuations. Most importantly, do not sit directly on your buttocks and use a specialized cushion that will eliminate untoward pressure on your buttocks. Lastly, remember to sleep laying on your stomach and avoid strenuous physical activities and exercises for the next four to six weeks.

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