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WARNING: Cosmetic Doctors Advise on Chemical Peels


A chemical peel is a process in which a natural acid is applied to the skin. This procedure is usually performed in a controlled environment by a doctor who is able to determine which solution is the best for your specific needs. The solution is able to reach your dermis (deep layer of the skin) and has a significant impact on the way your skin functions, moreso improving its ability to repair.

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Anti Wrinkle Injections : Know Your Brand & Buyer Beware!

At SKIN CLUB we are breaking down the myths of anti wrinkle injections. Don’t be fooled by the price tag!

You see a nurse injector with very little training and working without supervision.

They throw prices at you at a third of what Cosmetic Doctors or Surgeons or Plastic Surgeons would charge.

Then you think as cosmetic doctors & surgeons we are ripping people off with low value for treatments.

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Can Cosmetic Surgery help you get a Job?

You are not vain. These days, women and a surprising number of men are seeking ways to gain a competitive edge by turning back the clock in the work place without surgery. In America there are now now 3.4 million 55+ year old males going for non-surgical cosmetic procedures. At the top of that list are anti wrinkle injections and dermal fillers.


Why, you may ask? Well in a recent reputable human resources corporate journal, the younger you are, the more lucrative you are to a company/organisation. And as a lot of hiring of employees is still done with in-person interviews, younger looks can be the key to landing that portfolio, job or client.

People have always wanted to drink from the fountain of youth for personal reasons, but in the corporate arena, a youthful nature can translate to a re-invigoration of a company’s direction.

But we’re also noticing that if you look and feel younger then you are likely to have higher value in the employment market place. Its essential to be on top of your game as within a competitive job market you must present the best possible you, inside and outside.

Now you don’t want the treatment to be suddenly noticeable and also you want to ensure the least recovery time from the treatment so that getting back to work quickly is not an issue. Well with technology changes and the advent of Platelet Rich Plasma and new dermal fillers, there are quick and great results being had at SKIN CLUB in Windsor, Melbourne – at the hands of Cosmetic Doctors.

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Cosmetic Surgery: Myths Busted by Cosmetic Doctor

When it comes to stopping the formation of wrinkles and getting rid of them, nothing does the job quite like botulinum toxin or anti wrinkle injections. But, is everything you’re hearing and believing really the truth? We set the story straight and dispel 10 of the biggest myths out there with Dr. Pallavi Sharma, the medical director of SKIN CLUB in Windsor, Melbourne.

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