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Discover the Benefits of Double Eyelids – Enhance Your Look and Boost Your Confidence

Dr. Vi Sharma has worked in the field of cosmetic surgery

He has a Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery, Monash University; and former member of the Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine and the Royal Australian College of General Practice.

A double eyelid is a feature that many consider a very positive and desirable outcome of medical cosmetic eyelid surgery. The double eyelids are portions of the eyelid located at the inner corner of the eye that protrude and do not merge with the other eyelid. The double eyelids form from a fold of the skin found on the upper eyelid, referred to as the medial canthal tendon. Many consider it a desirable trait because of all the cosmetic benefits. However, aside from just looking nice, some profound benefits of having a double eyelid. Many people do not realize this, so we want to take some time to share both the practical and cosmetic benefits of having a double eyelid.

How Do You Change Your Eyelid?

Not everyone is born with eyelids like that. A double eyelid is somewhat rare in Asia because most people have a monolid. Many of them cannot naturally have these features and usually turn to cosmetic treatments to achieve that. There is a type of Eyelid Surgery in Melbourne that aims to achieve just that. This process works by making a small incision right above your eye to form the eyelid base. From there, they will remove the excess tissue and fat to make a groove for the eyelid. This device the monolid in two and after which your doctor will add some sutures to keep it in place and shape your double eyelid.

Benefits of Having Double Eyelids

More Prominent Eyes

A double eyelid does not just improve the upper parts of your face; it can also enhance the look of your eyes as well. Without the excess skin, there is less weight resting on your eyes which means less blocking your way. This new eyelid makes the skin and tissue less likely to sag over your eyes, giving them a clearer and more prominent appearance at the same time. People are more likely to look at your eyes with less in the way since they have more to see.

Aside from having a more prominent appearance, your eyes look more expressive. The problem with a monolid is that some people have a more challenging time expressing themselves with their eyes. Instead, it keeps them looking flat and limp, which can make it hard for people to get a read on you. More expressive eyes can be great if you convey emotion with your friends or work.

With a monolid, it can be hard to tell where your eyelid is exactly and appear to mesh with the rest of your face. In some cases, even if you do have a double eyelid, it may not be as prominent. Some people can have one eyelid that is more noticeable than the other. In these cases, getting this procedure can improve the appearance of your eyes.

Easier to Use Makeup

Another downside with a monolid is that it is challenging to apply makeup. While not impossible, the lack of definition in your eyelid makes it easier to use too much or smudge. With the eyeliner of this new eyelid, you can now have borders to work around and move your makeup across. The eyelid acts as a line, guiding the brushes as you apply eyeliner or eyeshadow, which makes applying makeup more even with the upper parts of your face.

Better Vision

Aside from the many cosmetic benefits of this treatment, some health benefits come with this procedure. One of the most obvious ones is the ability to improve your vision. However, the amount of excess skin and tissue it removes isn’t much. The change in shape makes a huge difference. For one, the extra eyelid makes it more difficult for excess skin and tissue to sag on top of your eyes. This lessened weight means less strain on them, making your vision easier. The monolid also means you cannot open your eyes as much as people with extra eyelids, meaning that treating gives you more space to open your eyes fully. Opening your eyes more also improves your vision by giving you a much better range.

After this procedure, many patients find better peripheral vision, making looking around easier. It is more than just helping with your vision; it also helps your wallet. Unlike lower eyelid surgery which is purely cosmetic, vision problems affect the quality of life. Vision problems are something that many insurance companies consider when providing coverage. If your eyelid affects your vision, you have a case that getting surgery is a medical necessity. For many patients, this goes a long way in covering the costs of the procedure.

Makes You Less Tired

For those without a double eyelid, it is annoying to them, especially when they are tired. The reason for this is that your eyelids will sag heavily on your eyes, giving you a sunken appearance. Aside from that, dark circles around your eyes can also leave you looking worn and tired. Because of that, the primary treatment for this is usually a lower eyelid surgery, but this is far from the only way. While this comes from a loss of volume around your eyes, the shadows of a heavy brow can accentuate it. By pulling it back and giving more balance to your face, you can reduce the prominence of these eye bags.

Reduces Headaches

While not as clear as the other benefits, a fair number of people also claim that this procedure can help reduce headaches and migraines or at least make them less painful. The reason is that many headaches come from eye strain or heaviness. To combat this, you can help by reducing the likelihood of that; you can lower the risk of a headache. By giving more balance to your upper eyelids, you have less strain happening at once. Aside from the pressure on your brow, other issues can also irritate your eyes. For example, many people experience inward-turning eyelashes when they have mono lids, and this ends up getting in their eyes and causing irritation, dryness, and blurriness.


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