Alternatives to Kybella for Chin Sculpting

The chin is a frequently overlooked but significant part of how you present yourself aesthetically. One of the likely reasons this is the case is that many people are unaware you don’t necessarily have to have surgery if your goal is to remove fat from the face. There are several surgical and non-surgical chin fat reduction methods that all have their pros and cons and are well suited to different situations. Let’s explore a few of them and find out a little more about how they work and what they can acheive if you involve one of them in your journey to cosmetic enhancement and rejuvenation.

Chin Liposuction

While relatively minor as far as liposuction goes, it’s still a surgical procedure which has both benefits and definitely some downsides to consider. The positive is the results of chin liposuction; it is regarded as the gold standard for a reason when people are looking to reduce submental fat. The downside of chin liposuction, however, it comes with the extra intensity that you can attribute with a typical cosmetic surgery procedure. There is a more intensive recovery process compared to things like Kybella, as after having liposuction on the chin you will almost definitely have to take some time off work to recover properly. Another positive though is it often can be performed under local anesthesia, unlike some cosmetic surgery this reduces the risks associated with having to go under general. If you do choose to have submental liposuction and remove a significant amount of fat, just be sure to take into consideration you may require a neck lift after to remove excess skin that is left behind.

Chin Implants

If your chin is looking worse for wear, but significant submental fat isn’t the issue you may find this approach a suitable option. Using chin implants to shape the chin and jaw can help with a weaker chin that is lacking in support. Again like chin lipo, it is a surgical treatment, so this is a consideration with this option. One definite con is that chin implants can often feel quite unnatural, which is where other treatments can fair far better in this regard, such as the next one.

Dermal Fillers

Like the previous, this treatment for a double chin doesn’t go about removing or reducing chin fat. Instead, the aim is to add support that is lacking elsewhere. As we age one common area in particular that suffers from volume loss is the cheeks that tend to hollow, reducing structure and support for the lower face. If the volume in the cheeks and jawline is restored often the chin can be lifted and result in a smoother tighter chin with less appearance of fullness as facial balance and proportions also improve.


Using the CoolMini, CoolSculpting uses cooling to freeze and destroy fat cells under the skin. While it is typically considered less effective than Kybella, especially on larger amounts of submental fat, it can be useful if you are looking for a very subtle reduction in chin fat deposits when you are already in fantastic shape. Having treatment with the CoolMini is also non-invasive, which is one of the real strong pros of this treatment option as it doesn’t even require any injections. This is one option to consider if you just want a quick and subtle enhancement that causes the absolute minimal impact of you and comes with an excellent risk profile as the skin isn’t even pierced.


On the opposite end of the spectrum essentially compared to CoolSculpting you have WarmSculpting using SculpSure. Using WarmSculping on the chin uses targeted laser energy that penetrates the skin and heats only the fat-containing cells and results in enough damage to destroy them. This is one treatment for a double chin that is growing in popularity and seems to be becoming quite a popular non-surgical method of chin sculpting.


If you weren’t already aware of Kybella, it’s worth a mention as it’s unquestionably one of the best ways to remove fat from the chin. This injectable treatment uses an enzyme already found in the body that is used to break down fats in your diet. Double Chin injections can be extremely effective at reducing the volume of submental fat in your chin. If you are interested in getting double chin injections, book a consultation with a high-quality cosmetic doctors clinic like Skin Club in Melbourne, where they are well versed at providing a range of treatments to deal with an even broader range of aesthetic concerns.

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