Hate how your jaw just knows how to effectively ruin every one of your photos? It is like your jaw has a mind and a mission of its own. Your jaw is making the lower half of your face look like the Donald duck, and you are feeling very self-conscious about all your photos. We understand, and some of us even relate with you. 

Yes, this is a problem. No, you should not be stressing out about this anymore. There are so many cosmetic procedures nowadays to correct and reshape any part of your face and body according to your personal aesthetic goals. Let’s worry about global warming instead of tiny things like this.

At Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors, we provide expert jaw slimming treatments, in Melbourne. Our experts will carefully listen to your problems and your goals and then determine what kind of treatment will suit your predicament the best.  There are several methods for correcting the shape and size of your jaw, which can change the entire look of your lower face such as jaw augmentation surgery or genioplasty, jaw liposuction, dermal fillers for your jaw, kybella injections for removing the fat under your jaw and several others.

If you feel like your jaw is lacking in volume, your doctor may suggest you to get a jaw augmentation surgery or a genioplasty. A genioplasty Will add volume to your jaw and reshape the whole area of your lower face appropriately. 

In the general traditional sense, genioplasty is an invasive surgical procedure. In this treatment, your surgeon will use a medical-grade saw for cutting and shaping your jaw bone, into the decided-upon shape relating to your expectations. This procedure is also known as an osseous genioplasty. Your doctor will typically recommend this surgical procedure if you happen to suffer from severe retrognathia. In this condition, your jaw is too far back or far too forward to match the rest of your face. A sliding genioplasty surgery will definitely correct 

Regardless, with so many new advancements in the field of medical technologies, Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors also offer a non-surgical jaw slimming genioplasty as also an option nowadays. The non-surgical genioplasty has also proven itself to be a relatively safer procedure, with chances of much lower risks than the surgical jaw augmentation. 

The non-surgical genioplasty here at Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors uses dermal fillers to contour the shape of your jaw. The dermal fillers used in a liquid rhinoplasty consist of HA, which has proven itself to be both safer and more effective than surgery. These are the same dermal fillers that are also used on your cheeks and lips. These fillers stimulate collagen production and improve the shape of the injected area. A non-surgical jaw slimming treatment is also safer than its surgical alternatives and has very minimal downtime for recovery. People can go back to their daily lifestyle with just a few precautions right after the procedure. 

You know what genioplasty is. Now let us see some perks and other facts related to jaw slimming treatment. This will give you a chance to know what to expect from the treatment, and other things you must keep in mind. A jaw slimming genioplasty treatment in Melbourne will give you :

  • Balance in facial proportions and more pronounced features
  • Reduction of a prominent jaw
  • This procedure corrects any deformity in the jaw 
  • Increases your confidence by meeting your aesthetic goals 
  • If you are getting traditional jaw implants, it is good to remember that you can choose the shape and size of the implants
  • jaw implants can also be removed very easily if you do not like the results. 
  • After a genioplasty, you will feel much more symmetry in your facial features.
  • It supplements and enhances a weak or receding jaw. 
  • Genioplasty is an easy and almost risk-free procedure and can be performed in an outpatient clinic.
  • Non-surgical genioplasty can also be clubbed with other treatments if your doctor approves of it.
  • jaw augmentations can cause numbness on your lower face for 2 – 4 weeks after the surgery. 
  • Some bruising and swelling can occur after the treatment, which will fade within a few days.
  • Results of the procedure are not visible immediately, as the fillers need time to settle and fill out. You will see full results in about a month.
  • The patient must keep their expectations from a genioplasty very realistic, and understand that the results may not be completely satisfactory.

You may still ask if the risk of getting a cosmetic treatment done is worth it in the long run?

At Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors, our cosmetic candidates can attest to feeling much more free and confident after they solved their cosmetic problems. Jaw slimming treatment in Melbourne can be satisfactory for you if you feel like your jaws need correction. So we will say that it is very much worth it. Nothing is as important as feeling comfortable and good about yourself. 

So if you want that perfect jawline, it is absolutely worth it go just go for it! If you are still not convinced, here are some additional reasons :

  • Very low risks – Compared to jaw slimming surgical procedures, this non-surgical procedure will pose extremely low risks for you.
  • This is a non-invasive procedure – No incisions or cuts will be made on your skin during this treatment
  • Long-lasting effects – The effects of this treatment last 4 – 6 months
  • This treatment can also help with Teeth Grinding, or Bruxism – This treatment relaxes the muscles in your lower face helping a lot to reduce your teeth grinding habit
  • More cost-effective than Surgical alternatives – Surgeries and the aftercare required can definitely put a dent in your pocket much more than this treatment
  • You will see results from the 1st session itself – The results are instantly visible as the treatment is completed. 
  • 2 sessions will give you your desired Jawline – Depending on your skin and muscles, 1 session may be enough for you. If not, the doctor will recommend you another session for your desired results.
  • No irreversible side effects – Side effects mostly include some mild facial discomfort and swelling in the treatment area, which will go away after 24 hours from the time of the procedure
  • This treatment will not hinder your speech or eating habits – Again, some discomfort may be present for a few hours, but you will be able to resume these activities normally
  • This is a painless treatment – You will be prepared with numbing cream on your lower face before the treatment. You will only feel mild discomfort during the procedure.

Consult Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors for more information regarding a jaw slimming genioplasty treatment, and give yourself the confidence boost you deserve. Contact today!

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