Are you stressed about how to get rid of unwanted moles? Don’t worry we have the best 5 ways to get rid of unwanted moles.

Moles, also known as lesions are a natural part of our body. It is more of a cosmetic concern than medical.  But, having too many moles on the face or any part of the body bothers some people. If you are among those and have this question like how to get over moles, we have got you covered on this.

You can get rid of unwanted moles in a number of ways. The first way mentioned here is a remedy and the other three are treatments: Cosmetic surgery stands to be the most effective one out of all ways of mole removal. It has always given proven results. This is why people are moving towards choosing a treatment to remove mole day by day.

Ways to get rid of unwanted moles

Moles can be removed in two ways. First are the natural remedies then comes a sure shot way that is mole removing treatment.

Natural ways to remove moles –

1. Rubbing mixture of garlic extract, aloe vera gel, and frankincense oil –

Rubbing this mixture on moles can help reduce the mole. Some people believe that over a period of time it diminishes moles because it is a natural remedy. But, it is a time-consuming process that requires lots of patience.

Garlic extracts constitute enzymes that dissolve the cell clusters that are known to cause a mole. Aloe vera as we all know helps to lighten skin as it is rich in minerals that stand beneficial for the skin. Frankincense oil also has properties that help to break down the cell accumulation that tends to form into a mole.

2. Baking soda and castor oil –

Paste of one tablespoon baking soda and two tablespoons castor oil is a natural remedy for removing moles. Applying this paste on the mole and leaving it overnight for hours is considered to be the right way for this. It is believed that it removes mole overnight but this is a total myth. It indeed is an effective way but results are seen after a certain period of time.

This is practiced by a lot of people because it is affordable, easy to access, and natural.

Treatments to remove moles –

Treatment for removing moles depends on factors like – your age, type of surgery, skin check, and location of moles that you want to remove. It is a part of stretch marks treatment as it involves changing skin texture.

After the consultation is done, the cosmetic surgical team will move forward with treating your issue. The surgical ways of removing unwanted moles are effective. People mostly opt for treatment because it is a promising way to remove moles.

These are the top-rated treatments:

1. Aura Laser Treatment –

Aura laser mole treatment is a non-invasive surgery. This involves the usage of a laser to discard unwanted moles.

When the treatment begins, the moles tend to absorb this LED aura laser which helps to break down the areas of problem like the pigmentation. Aura laser mole removing treatment additionally clears, rejuvenates, tones, and makes the skin firmer is loved by our service receivers.

Aura laser treatment is considered to be the safest and fastest way to remove moles.

2. Mole Excision Surgery –

Mole excision surgery is a traditional method to get rid of unwanted moles. It involves taking off the moles from the skin. The next step is to stitch the particular area and remove the stitch after a certain period of time when the skin gets healed.

Mole excision is a traditional way. People trust it but still fear getting it done. This mole removing way requires skilled hands.

Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors has professional and certified surgeons that perform mole excision surgery perfectly. They deliver the service by assuring that their patients receive not only good but the best results.

3. Mole Excision Shaving –

Mole excision shaving is processed by shaving the mole growth directly from the skin by using a scalpel. People think that as it is removed from the skin, it might be painful. It is a myth. There is a painless mole excision shaving option.

The area from where the moles are shaved off, surgeons make sure to numb that particular part. They numb the area by using a local anesthetic. We follow a harmless process that stands different from others. Experienced surgeons practice mole excision shaving at our clinic because we want to serve our clients with the best experience.

Why get rid of unwanted moles

There are many reasons that people opt for removing moles. Some of the moles are non-harming but some tend to be cancerous. Therefore you must keep a check on it.

It is dangerous if any of your moles come out to be cancerous. You must discard all harmful moles.

There are millions of ways to get rid of unwanted moles but surgeries are the most effective procedure because:

  • It is the safest solution
  • The process is painless
  • Most reliable and trusted way
  • Provides 100% promising results
  • Is an upgraded way to get rid of unwanted moles
  • The recovery rate is faster


How to get rid of moles has been a common question in the cosmetic surgery field. People always have been on the hunt of finding the best way to get rid of unwanted moles forever.

has entered the field with the above best solutions. We are known to ace cosmetic surgery solutions. Our surgery can fix your problem of removing moles both from the face or body.

These are the best natural and technically upgraded solutions to get rid of unwanted moles. Using remedies, lasers, radiofrequency, and much more goes behind the scene of discarding unwanted moles.

You can opt for any of the above-mentioned ways to get over moles. all of them are safe and tested.

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