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5 Home Remedies for Vaginal Tightness to Avoid

Dr. Vi Sharma has worked in the field of cosmetic surgery

He has a Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery, Monash University; and former member of the Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine and the Royal Australian College of General Practice.

As vaginal looseness is and continues to be a significant issue for many women, it is no surprise that vaginal tightening treatments continue to grow in size. However, we are not just talking about those new and modern procedures you find in a clinic, no. There are now many treatments coming from everywhere. Countless health gurus and internet influencers are coming out with their home remedies for treating your vaginal woes. These treatments are simple remedies you can perform as an alternative to medical treatment. It can be because you can’t afford to go to a clinic, or you do not want them, but these treatments are out there, whatever the reason is. However, while some of these treatments do seem impressive, they might not be as effective as you think they are. There are some that you would do better avoiding altogether. In this article, we will spend some time reviewing some of the home remedies you should avoid at all costs.

What Is So Wrong With Home Remedies?

On principle, nothing is wrong with making extra changes at home for your health issue. Doctors encourage making healthy changes at home to improve your condition by eating a more nutritious diet or getting plenty of exercise. However, the problem is when people tout homemade cures as alternatives to medical treatments. For one, there is not much research to prove these treatments work. The big thing that separates homemade remedies and clinical ones are the amount of research into them. The former has no formal research process, and you only know it works if something happens to you, meaning that most evidence is anecdotal. On the other hand, the latter has a very long research process that requires plenty of testing and study before doctors deem it minimal-risk.

These issues also apply to accountability when the remedies don’t go as expected. When a medical procedure goes wrong, there is a team of doctors trained and ready to address some issues, and they know what to do and can limit the damage. At the same time, if something does go wrong, there is someone you can hold accountable. When something like this goes wrong for a homemade treatment, you can do less about it aside from hoping a doctor can help you.

The other difference is what these treatments can achieve. Although homemade remedies promise significant results, a lot of that is just hot air. They can give some positive changes and reduce symptoms, but they cannot always directly address the root causes of vaginal dryness. That is because most of these treatments are just topical cures rather than long-term remedies.

Home Remedies for Vaginal Tightness to Avoid

Placing Food on Your Vagina

Now, this is not a single treatment but an entire category. It is surprising how many treatments essentially boil down to “insert a piece of food into your vagina.” Such options range from yogurt to lemons peels. The logic behind it is not entirely stupid, though; to maintain vaginal health, you need vitamins and get vitamins from food. The issue is you absorb these vitamins through eating food, not by rubbing on your lady parts, which can lead to unintended problems.

For example, lemons are a popular option because they can reset acidity in your vagina and kill bacteria while tightening the walls. The high acidity you expose to your vagina from lemon peels also irritates your lady parts. Meanwhile, yogurt is popular because it contains good bacteria responsible for preventing infections. Again, this idea is just untrue, and applying it to your vagina can worsen the spread of bacteria. The reason is that yogurt’s sugars and other ingredients can attract more bacteria.

These are just two of the most popular options. There are many more food remedies that people use for their vaginal looseness. However, we will spend too much time dissecting every type of food people use.

Herbs and Spices

These treatments work similarly to the food cures by inserting certain herbs and plants as natural cures for your vaginal woes. Once again, the idea is not entirely without science as some of these plants, like aloe vera, are known components of vaginal tightening products. There has been some research on this topic, but several issues have. For one, the study is old and outdated. Secondly, they were only done on rats and other animals; no one ever tested to see if they worked on humans.

The two most popular treatment options are turmeric and aloe vera. Turmeric is no stranger to these homemade cures, as many gurus claim it can help with countless issues ranging from UTIs to cancer. However, little to any of these claims have any truth to them. For example, even when eating turmeric in your diet, there are no changes to your vaginal walls, much less when you insert it in there. Some of these issues worsen as many women report irritation in their vaginas afterward.

Aloe Vera is a bit better because it is not actively harmful. It is a common ingredient for actual vaginal tightening products, like what we said. The difference is you should not just insert it on its own. Using anything less than 100% pure aloe vera can cause other issues by exposing your body to other harmful substances.

Hot Water

Yes, some people believe hot water is the cure for treating issues with a loose vagina. There is more than one way people do this, but there are two popular ones. the first involves crouching over a bowl of hot water so the steam can enter your vagina. The idea here is that the steam flushes out bacteria. The second consists in pouring hot water into your vagina to kill or force out all the bacteria in that area.

This ‘cure’ is problematic for many reasons, none the least because pouring hot water can cause many issues to your vagina. The most obvious of these issues is the scalding, burns, and irritation your skin can cause. Like any other part of your body, your vagina is sensitive to sudden changes in temperature. Depending on how hot the water is, it can discomfort or burn you. The second issue relates to what it tries to do. The idea is to get rid of harmful substances, but your vagina gets rid of bacteria by having a certain Ph level.

The problem with hot water is that it can further upset the balance, and it depends on the pH level the water is and can make it more or less acidic.


Despite sounding more scientific than other treatments, this idea is less reliable than the other homemade treatments we see so far. Often, these cures have little to no research on these topics to see if they are helpful. One such example is potassium alum, a popular first option thanks to its astringent properties. However, while it does have some benefits, there is no evidence to suggest that putting it in your vagina can help you. On the other hand, there is much evidence that it can cause health problems like scarring and burning if you apply it to your vagina. The big takeaway from this is that while some chemicals are helpful, they should only be used by someone with experience and training. Even using chemicals is no replacement for vaginal rejuvenation treatment in Melbourne.


Yes, hornets, as in the insects. Also known as Oak Galls, this home treatment involves putting part of a hornet’s nest around your vagina. Oak Galls come from a combination of regular tree bark and hornet waste matter, serving as a nest for their larva to grow. To use these for a treatment, you should ground up the galls into a paste and massage it over the treatment area. Many sellers claim that dentists use the medicines to cure toothaches or gingivitis. However, none of these sellers offer concrete evidence to back up these claims. Some sellers even go as far as to put a disclaimer saying that the treatment is not a definite cure for diseases and does not have FDA approval. Many people who use this treatment also report intense stinging sensations and even drying the vagina even more.

So Are All Home Remedies Bad?

No, not at all. Many doctors recommend confident lifestyle choices that can improve your condition. However, they use this as a supplement and not a cure. Doctors understand the limitations of these remedies and do not give false expectations. An example of these treatments is pelvic floor exercises. The exercise involves strengthening your muscles to improve tightness and reduce urinary incontinence. Although it cannot enhance tightness, it can at least strengthen the feeling of your vagina and prevent you from feeling uncomfortable.

Aside from that, simple lifestyle changes like improving your diet, getting more exercise, and maybe some prescriptions with you can make a big difference. However, while effective, these cannot fully treat your issue, nor do doctors claim they can. Instead, all they do is prevent your muscles from further deteriorating.

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