Lip fillers are quite low intensity as far as cosmetic treatments go, but there are a few things you can do to improve your comfort post-treatment and help try to ensure your recovery goes smoothly. With lip fillers becoming so common thanks to celebrities like Kylie Jenner showing off impressively luscious lips, and in general being a treatment that can provide impressive results with precision for people of all ages, whether you are looking to rejuvenate, customise, or enhance your lip look.

Dealing With Swelling

While typically minor, swelling is one of the most common side effects of lip fillers. Because it’s generally quite manageable there are quite a few things you can do ease any discomfort this is causing you and help get that swelling down as quickly as possible.

Ice Packs:

A great way to help numb the area a little and keep comfortable if you are a little tender and swollen after lip fillers are to use an ice pack, if you don’t have one on hand you can always use ice wrapped in a clean tea towel or something similar.


While exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, strenuous exercise can increase blood flow, which can increase healing time and increase bruising by putting pressure on an area that has just received injections. If you’d like to exercise just be cautious and try and do more low impact exercises for a day or so after your fillers are applied. While most people have no issues with lip fillers impacting their ability to work, if your work is high impact and physical, speak to your injector about what you can do to help avoid this impacting your recovery post-treatment, perhaps by scheduling the treatment just prior to a weekend to give your lips a couple of days of downtime before you get back into things.


When it comes to just about any kind of recovery, it’s always important to ensure you are well hydrated, being adequately hydrated keeps is one less thing for you body to deal with giving it more ability to focus on healing your injection sites and getting your lips settled and looking great rapidly. Hydration is always important, so if anything this is just another reason to drink plenty of water.


Exposure to heavy cigarette smoke, or smoking yourself to slow the healing of your injection sites. While it’s easy just to say don’t smoke, for many people this is difficult, so at the least try and minimise your smoking and washing out your mouth and lips after you do is the next best thing. Ideally though avoiding smoking completely is ideal until your injection sites are healed at least.


Blood thinners can lead to extra bruising and swelling, but unlike blood-thinning medication which people are required to take for health reasons, alcohol can generally be easily avoided for a couple of days by most people. When you consume alcohol, it thins your blood, and at excess can also make you far less aware of your lips leading you to potentially be a little too rough with them and not realise until they are quite sore the next day. Avoiding alcohol for a couple of days after your lip filler treatment is just good practice, and you’ll be glad you did.

Extreme Weather:

Depending on the time of year and where you live, you may be exposed to extreme hot or cold weather, and if you live somewhere like the beautiful city of Melbourne, you may experience a bit of both all in the same day. Excess sun exposure is best avoided, as is extremely cold weather after a lip filler treatment. If you have to go out in the sun, a hat can help, as can merely minimising the amount of time you are out in this kind of weather while you recover. When it’s extremely cold, a scarf can be quite helpful, without looking too awkward.

Get Lip Fillers at Clinic that Provides a Complimentary Review:

At Skin Club in Melbourne, they always want the best results for their clients, and this is why they offer a complimentary review to their lip filler treatments. This review session gives your Cosmetic Doctor some time to sit down with you and assess your results, make sure everything settled well, and that you are happy with the treatment overall. This extra attention is one of the many things that makes Skin Club Melbournes best clinic for lip fillers. Book a consultation today and discuss lip filler cost, and what you want to acheive to develop the best plan to approach achieving your dream lip look.


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