Dating apps like Tinder are rampant nowadays. It is well known that how your face looks contributes to your attractiveness. But did you know that looking healthy draws just as much attraction as looking beautiful? 

According to a recent study led by Macquarie University in Melbourne, the shape of your face could reveal an insight into your health using the 3 health indicators (BMI, body mass, and blood pressure). These are identified using a computer and 138 delineated landmark points in a subject’s face. 

In group 1

272 Asian, African and Caucasian individuals were photographed while maintaining a neutral expression. In group 2, 26 Caucasian participants enhanced their faces using an app to make their faces look as healthy as possible.

Dr. Ian Stephen

A study author and Macquarie University psychology researcher, revealed that the computer detected group 2 healthier and looked lower in fat, have a lower BMI, and, to a lesser extent, a lower blood pressure.  (photos of faces of participants) Results of making the participants’ faces appear as healthy as possible were surprisingly accurate.

The result of the study suggests that the shape of your face can be used to identify healthy and unhealthy individuals. So, you may not be swiping left on Tinder because you find the prospective dates unattractive, but because you see them as potential health risk carriers

In fact, this is not the first study to look at a person’s face shape in relation to attractiveness. The University of Toronto conducted a study to determine a person’s financial stability (rich or poor) through facial cues. Another study was formed by Melbourne facial cosmetic surgeon, Julian De Silva, to create the “world’s most desirable face” based on facial contours, curves, angles and proportions of 1,000 female clients. 

In conclusion, it has been identified that healthy facial skin positively influences a person’s perception of physical attractiveness based on another individual’s health.

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