Rhytidectomy (facelift) was once the go-to for getting a lift, these days though it’s not the only option. There are various options that can help you depending on your specific needs and circumstances that don’t involve such an invasive process as cutting and removing chunks of skin. There is a growing interest in avoiding surgical enhancements in favour of modern treatments that are well suited to today’s fast-paced lifestyle that many have.

The Hustle and Bustle of City Life

When you live in a city like Melbourne, there’s so much going on around you that often you can get swept up in a very hectic lifestyle. Whether it’s packed with work, social events, family responsibilities, or a combination of these factors, often people start to put off things like dealing with their cosmetic concerns. It’s easy to feel like you simply don’t have the time to spare to reach your aesthetic goals, but instead of dreaming about it consider looking into a treatment that can provide fantastic results at a very swift speed taking only half an hour on average to perform. With a time-cost this low, a thread lift is a treatment that just about everyone has the time for that can be fit into even the smallest of gaps in your schedule.

The Massive Influence of Social Media

With platforms like Instagram becoming incredibly popular, more than ever people are seeking to look their best so they can capture the moment and share it with the world online. If you look around Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, or Twitter at who you follow you may notice that some people like very good for their age and they don’t look like they’ve had work done or it’s just their filter of choice masking things. Many people that are very active on social media take advantage of non-surgical treatments that are very quick to perform and recover from that result in a natural look as well, these days so much can be acheived without having to go under the knife making it a desirable option.

The Stigma is Dying

One of the reasons that the stigma of having “work done” is dying rapidly is that people are becoming more aware of treatments like thread lifts and fillers that can provide impressive results without having to deal with surgery that is far more invasive and often a far more substantial commitment overall. There is a growing movement of people wanting to look and feel their best and provided it’s done safely, people are starting to look at this as a positive thing and a form of self-improvement. While once people were often ashamed of having cosmetic rejuvenation treatments or enhancements, these days often people are proud of what they’ve had done and happy to tell you all about it while enthusiastically showing off their results. No longer are cosmetic treatments are seen primarily just for those getting older as well and fighting back the signs of ageing, it’s not uncommon anymore for people even in their twenties to be looking for cosmetic help, for thread lifts this often starts as young as their thirties.

Long-Lasting Results

While sometimes it’s nice to take some time out and have some pampering and cosmetic treatments, it can also be somewhat inconvenient to feel like you’re living in the clinic to maintain the results of your treatments. Thread lifts are excellent in this regard, lasting one to two years; they provide a fantastic option that lasts and provides a quality lift at the same time. When you take into account the swiftness of which this treatment is performed and the minimal recovery that typically results in no downtime and just some minor considerations and care post-treatment, it’s a very good trade-off.

Find out What All the Fuss Is About

If you are curious about getting a thread lift yourself in Melbourne, the first step is to get assessed and discuss your needs with an experienced Cosmetic Doctor. In Melbourne, Skin Club provides thread lifts including the fantastic PDO thread lift treatments. With their years of experience, they are skilled at performing thread lift treatments that result in optimal results for their patients. Book a consultation today to find out for yourself what a thread lift may be able to help acheive and get you on track to reaching your aesthetic targets.

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