If you are reading this, you may have just noticed that your hair has been falling out at a concerning rate, perhaps even in clumps you see when brushing or in the shower especially. There are a lot of reasons your hair can fall out, and there are also a lot of things you can do when your hair is falling out, but it is vital to ensure what you do is the best solution for your particular problems. You aren’t doomed to having to shave or wear hats everywhere you go just yet if you are embarrassed by your thinning hair, at least not until you’ve considered your options thoroughly because in most cases it can be dealt with, sometimes with extremely impressive results.

Everyone Experiences Hair Fall

To some degree, losing some hair is healthy, everyone loses some hair daily, and this isn’t something you should be concerned about when the levels are reasonably consistent and not excessive. When it is something to be concerned about is when it reaches the level of clumping, your hair is noticeably getting thinner, or you are developing noticeable patches of baldness. Once you start losing hair to this extent it’s no longer typical hair fall but hair loss.

Hair Loss Caused by Ageing

As people get older the levels of hormones in their body shift, a prime example of this is when women are going through menopause, and pronounced symptoms start to occur for a lot of people, often requiring HRT therapies to help deal with at times. Men as well have changes in their hormone levels and production as they get older, and this results commonly in thinner hair and hair loss in various forms becoming more likely to be something you experience.

Medications That Cause Hair Loss

If you pull out the information leaflet for any new drug you start taking, for a vast majority somewhere in that list of side effects will be possible hair loss. Some medications will almost inevitably cause hair loss; the most well known is chemotherapy drugs. Many types of drugs have the potential though to cause hair loss in some people. If you have started taking a new medication within a few months of beginning to notice sudden or increased rates of hair loss, speak to your practitioner as you may find this is the cause. However, even if you do discover a medication may be the cause of your hair loss, never suddenly discontinue medications without the advice of your doctor, many medications shouldn’t be stopped abruptly, or ceasing taking them may be incredibly detrimental to your health.

Hair Transplants for Hair Loss

An option for some people is a hair transplant procedure; this has some caveats though. Firstly, the procedure can be quite expensive, time-intensive, and result in scarring. While modern approaches to hair transplantation are much better in regards to scarring, it’s still a consideration. Hair transplants also don’t work for everyone, if you are experiencing widespread thinning or baldness, medication or illness-related hair loss, have excessive scalp scarring from an injury, you are unlikely to be an ideal candidate. However, if you are interested in receiving a hair transplant procedure, seek an expert opinion, as they can be quite useful in the right circumstances.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections

PRP injections stimulate growth and healing, platelets themselves play a crucial part in the healing process in your body and form a primary component of this treatment. This treatment is prepared from a sample of your blood, it’s a fascinating procedure, and if you think it might be of interest to you ask your Cosmetic Doctor about what it may be able to help you with regarding hair loss or other cosmetic concerns.

You Don’t Have to Just Let Your Hair Fall out in Melbourne

Don’t just put up with your hair falling out and accept it’s happening, in just about any situation you have options you can consider. It can be daunting trying to try and find a solution on your own, so do yourself a favour and seek professional help. In Melbourne, hair loss treatments are available at Skin Club, as are an impressive selection of treatment options for other aesthetic issues. Staffed with skilled and experienced Cosmetic Doctors that can assess the condition of your hair and scalp and help you not just try and treat your hair loss, but discover why it might be occurring in the first place. Book a consultation today to get your hair back on track and stop wondering why your hair falls out excessively.

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