Eyelid Lift Surgery is an extremely common procedure, particularly in Australia. Although removing eyelids is fairly common, in the past it was reserved only for those with diseases or vision problems. With improvements in medical technology and techniques, the procedure is becoming an increasingly common option for people. Now, even those who just want to enhance their eyes and improve their appearance can get this treatment. In some places, it is one of the most popular treatments out there with 1 out of every 200 adults seeking the procedure. With all those people come different reasons.

Why Does It Matter to Know Your Reasons?

Yes, of course, not just for you but for your doctor as well. For you, this is a deeply personal choice that you have to think of carefully. More than just that, it is a long and expensive decision that you cannot go back from. Because of that, you have to think carefully about why you want to get this treatment. You need to think long and hard about your reasons and to make sure if that is really what you want. With plastic surgery, many people often come to regret their decisions precisely because they don’t have the right reasons for it. So you have to be certain about why you want to get this before going any further.

At the same time, your doctor also needs to know why you want this treatment as well. In fact, they will ask you this question before even giving you a treatment. During your consultation, doctors will ask you to explain your issue and what you want to acheive from this treatment. This is because they want to ensure you are getting this treatment for the right reasons. So many times people get plastic surgery as a shortcut for their issues. 

If you are getting it for the right reasons though, doctors want to ensure that you get the best treatment. This means understanding why you want the treatment so they can build it around those needs. 

Reasons People Get This Treatment

Medical Necessity

Yes, some people get eyelid surgery Melbourne because they need it rather than want it. Cases like this happen when there is too much excess skin and fat on your upper eyelid. When this happens, this skin may press and weigh against your eye. This weight can make it difficult to focus your eye which can cause your vision to appear blurry. At the same time, this weight can mess with the shape of your eyelid which makes it difficult to to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses.

However, aside from your eyes, this excess tissue also irritates your skin as they are constantly rubbing up against one another. This makes you more likely to rub your eyes with your fingers which only gets more dirt on them and affects your vision.

Because of that, some people are also able to get insurance coverage from their providers. This is because blurring and eye problems are now a quality of life issue which is considered a medical issue. This can be a big help in covering the costs of the treatment and making it more affordable.

Dealing With Excessive Skin

Whether or not it is a medical issue or not, excessive skin can be a huge pain for your appearance. This skin and tissue can sag over your eye for your upper eyelid or onto your cheeks for your lower ones. This can ruin the image you are trying to create with your eyes and face and just make it feel unnaturally heavy. 

However, with this treatment, you do not have to worry about these issues and simply enjoy the look on your face. This is because, with this treatment, doctors can make incisions that allow them to remove the excess skin and fat that gets in the way. Those that they don’t remove, they restructure by pushing and folding back the tissue to leave it together.

We’ve already seen how excessive skin can be a bother for your eyes when it rubs against each other. However, aside from that, it can also be an issue when you are putting your makeup on. Too much skin can cause it to smear against your face, making it nearly impossible to keep your makeup even. 

Dealing with Signs of Aging

As you get older, your skin begins to wear down from aging. This is because of the traditional proteins that you can rely on to keep your skin healthy slowly run out. Production of things like collagen and elastin begin to slow down and the result of this is wrinkles and sagging skin. In the case of your eyes, these areas are especially vulnerable because the skin there tends to wear out quickly. 

This leaves the skin around it haggard and sunken which makes you look older and more tired than you are. It can also contribute to dark circles under your eyes as sagging skin adds to the shadows around you For some people, eyelid surgery is their chance to help improve their appearance and help make them look healthier. 

More Dramatic Results 

Although we talked a lot about eyelid surgery, it is far from the only possible treatment out there. With medical technology available come new treatments such as injections or medication that can help. At the same time, health gurus also promise home treatments that can improve the appearance of their skin. However, even if they can help, none of these treatments can work to the same extent as something like this. 

Although invasive, eyelid surgery can also get right into the heart of the problem and fix it. The doctor can dig right into the skin and remove any excess skin there. This is something injections or oral treatments simply cannot do. Better collagen or elastin production cannot always deal with the sagging fat already there. On the other hand, some people see merit in both treatments and instead opt to get them together. By combining treatments they can maximize the results and get their eyes to appear stunning.

Because of that, this treatment can accomplish more lasting changes to your body. This is clear just by the number of treatments you need. For an eyelid treatment, you only need a single treatment to last you years. Meanwhile, with an injection, you need a treatment every year or so to maintain the results. 

Creating a Larger Eyes

With the extra tissue and skin hanging from your eyes, it can level your eyes hooded which will make them appear smaller than they actually are. Aside from affecting your vision, this can also make it more difficult for people to see your eyes and appreciate them with all the obstruction in the way. For many, that is reason enough to get this treatment since it promises to remove all the excess skin in a single treatment. In fact, there are plenty of people who get double eyelid surgery with the purpose of making their eyes look bigger. This is because it clears up any obstruction in that area and gives people a clear view of the beautiful orbs you have.

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