Dermal fillers can make any man or woman look years younger. Because of the natural decrease of collagen in our skin, we develop unwanted wrinkles and hollowness on the face. Fillers are gel-like substances that fill in the lost volume over the years and smooths any lines becomes visible as we age. 

There are many reasons as to why many people have dermal filler treatments. It can be that they want to look their best for a reunion or any big event or to simply retain their radiance when they were younger. Injectable treatments are quick fixes done by a professional and have minimal side effects with virtually no downtime. 

Not everyone can undergo a knife surgery due to whatever reasons they may have. With the rise of nonsurgical cosmetic procedures such as fillers and Anti Wrinkle Injections, people can impress others with their younger or enhanced appearance and can make them feel better about themselves.

Injectable fillers cost approximately $595 to $995 per ml. This is an estimate and the amount of product will depend on the doctor’s assessment on the area of enhancement to acheive the desired effect. In contrast to surgery, fillers are financially more feasible. However, there are some who choose fillers before the surgery. This is because they want to see the possible outcome of any enhancement done on their faces first. 

No matter the reason you would want dermal filler treatments, it is strongly recommended to choose a certified and experienced cosmetic doctor with at least 5 years of experience. Dr. Sharma is a medical professional with over 5 years of training and experience with injectable treatments. Rest assured that he will determine the best treatment for you and deliver safe and amazing results you desire. 

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