There are a few cosmetic treatments that are growing in popularity these days, in Melbourne the vibrant city and social scene have led a few to start standing out from the crowd, just as the treatments often help people to do so themselves. One of those is an effective non-surgical way to reduce fat in the chin. Having a double chin is not something that can be easily worked around when you are trying to reach your aesthetic goals. While things like lip fillers are going viral, so are things like double chin injections that help take away other distractions to let your best features shine through.

The Growing Trend for Seeking Non-Surgical Treatments

Just as fillers for the lips are booming in popularity, so are many other non-surgical treatments. Many people are put off having cosmetic procedures as they assume they require surgery to acheive worthwhile results, but this is far from the case, and the word is spreading. Thanks to advancements in science and cosmetic medicine, there’s a far wider variety of treatments for common aesthetic concerns like the double chin. No longer is chin liposuction the primary choice for those seeking to reduce their chin size. Double chin injections can reduce the size of your chin without the need to have any scalpels involved or stitches to be worried about.

The Fastest Way to Remove Chin Fat

While results do take time to show, generally around 4-6 weeks, you will notice more significant changes. The treatment itself is extremely fast considering what can be acheived, and with only an injectable treatment. The average Kybella treatment for a double chin removal only takes around 15-20 minutes. The speed of double chin injections is just one more reason why interest in this modern approach to an age-old problem is growing. How many sessions are required will depend on the specifics of your chin, especially the size and how much of a reduction you are seeking. Many people find somewhere between 3-6 treatments will acheive their desired results, but this will vary.

Minimal if Any Downtime

While double chin injections can result in some tenderness, this is to be expected as the treatment does as intended, its often a good indicator the treatment is performing as expected if you experience some tenderness. However, when it comes to downtime, many people can go about their usual routine with some minimal considerations. If you experience any bruising after your injection sites close up, you can hide this with makeup pretty effectively in most cases. If you experience a bit of swelling this is usually reasonably moderate so is unlikely to be too noticeable, and will start to subside generally within a week of your treatment session. While chin liposuction can be a practical option, its more invasive, and results in needing to wear bandages after the procedure and typically a compression garment should be worn for at least another week after this.

Long-Lasting Results

One of the reasons chin sculpting with double chin injections is becoming more popular is the long-term results it can provide. While it generally takes a few treatments to reach the desired results, as the cells affected are permanently unable to store fat afterwards, often treatment is never required again. If you maintain a stable weight, you are unlikely to have to seek further treatment for a double chin in the future once you have reached your targeted reduction in chin fat. If you maintain a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and a good diet, your results are likely not just to be long-lasting but look fantastic for years to come.

Chin Sculpting in Melbourne with the Best Injectables

Whether you are looking for a smaller chin or a larger one, Skin Club in Melbourne can help. They excel in the use of fillers to increase volume and size and kybella to decrease chin size. Their wide range of treatment options and experienced staff provide the best start to getting the best cosmetic outcomes. If you are wondering why chin sculpting is growing in popularity in Melbourne, book a consultation with Skin Club to find out why, and see why Skin Club is thought of by many as the best cosmetic clinic in Melbourne.

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