When lip fillers go wrong, they can look terrible, why lip fillers go wrong though is most often due to inexperienced injectors. While a “duck lip” look to the lips can be an aesthetic choice, it’s often due to overfilling and poorly applied fillers producing the opposite of a natural look, which is a shame when producing natural results is something lip fillers excel at doing. You can be having the best lip filler products used, but if the person applying them is inexperienced like any great tool, the results can be extremely underwhelming.

Balance is Key

When it comes to aesthetics, balance is extremely important. Many people seek cosmetic adjustments to deal with asymmetry; this is a common issue addressed with lip fillers as well. Sometimes though, inexperience can instead cause it. While performing treatments is something that can be taught, producing a balanced look is more of a craft that takes time, experience, and practice to develop. Ensuring you only receive lip fillers from someone who is experienced in providing them extensively helps you avoid being part of this learning experience. A wall of qualifications only means so much if they’ve rarely if your injector has rarely if ever performed lip filler treatments, knowledge is great, as are qualifications, when looking for the best though, look for that as well as experience.

Deciding on the Best Approach

There are a lot of decisions to make when doing precision cosmetic work, is it best to use a cannula or a needle, for example. Over time performing treatments, an injector will accumulate experience in what best acheives specific results. Where to apply filler is an extremely important factor in getting optimal results, when they lips are approached casually with just the intent of plumping them without adequate consideration they can end up looking misshapen and generally unnatural. Lip fillers typically come in 1ml syringes with some treatments only requiring one syringe, so approaching where to place that 1ml of filler throughout the lip, and how, is important when looking for the best lip filler treatment.

Product Choice

There has been a dramatic increase in recent years of people looking to enhance their lips. This increase in demand has caused a response from cosmetic companies to develop more niche, specialised, and fillers with varied lasting periods and consistency. Lips all vary in shape, size, and how they fit with the face they are attached to, so choosing the right product for the right lips is important. You may, as many people do, have budget considerations to when developing plans for your cosmetic treatments. For these reasons and more, a practitioner with experience can recommend the best products to acheive what you are looking for while balancing other factors such as your budget, and preference of lasting period. The more experience an injector has with different products and how they perform, the better they will be at giving you fantastic recommendations on which lip fillers are best for you.

Hygiene and Good Practice

We all know what it’s like to be doing something new. When you are first starting out doing anything, it’s easy to make mistakes and forget things. When it comes to cosmetic treatments, especially injectables, carelessness can result in bad lip filler outcomes like infections from cross-contamination. With experience, good practice becomes natural to a quality practitioner; this can help you not just get good results, but also great service and comfortable treatment experience. Check reviews of clinics you are considering visitors, as good practice and a well-rounded treatment experience will leave a good impression on patients, this is one way to help ensure that this experience is also matched with quality service and a well-run clinic as well. You can never make everyone happy all the time, so always look deeper for a wider positive or negative sentiment to get the best overview of how people regard the clinic you are considering visiting.

Experienced Cosmetic Doctors in Melbourne

If you live in Melbourne, you have the impressively skilled Cosmetic Doctors at Skin Club available to you. Here their lip filler treatments are only performed by experienced Cosmetic Doctors to provide the most optimal outcomes, using lip fillers sourced from the best manufacturers. Book an obligation-free consultation to find out the difference experience makes to your lip filler treatments.

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