Sometimes people feel too young or too old for cosmetic treatments, so when it comes to anything regarding a lift, often they worry they are too young to be thinking about such things or that maybe they are too old to bother. However, below are several reasons that may make a thread lift a good option for you, and the thing that may surprise you is that they have very little to do with you being a specific age.

Starting to Look a Little Older and Not Happy About It?

There’s a lot of common signs of ageing many of us start to experience, and one of these is as we lose volume our facial skin becomes laxer and gravity takes advantage. Many people for apparent reasons dislike this slow drift from a more youthful appearance to once of an older worn look. The problem a lot of people face though is when you still have quite good skin but you’re also starting to lose that tight and lifted look you once had. At a certain point, if you have a lot of excess skin, it’s probably time to consider a facelift if you want to address it sufficiently, however, for many people they can benefit significantly from what can be provided with a thread lift without having to deal with surgery and much of what comes with it.

The Most Common Age Range Thread Lifts

While whether a thread lift is right for your needs will come down to a number of factors, including what you are trying to acheive as well as the condition of your face and skin at the current time. There is somewhat of a trend when it comes to the ages of those seeking out thread lifts with those between the ages of 30-60 the most commonly seeking out this non-surgical facelift alternative. It makes a lot of sense when you consider this age range often is starting to show signs of ageing but are yet to in many cases have a lot of excess skin sag yet that increases often the older we get. Age isn’t the only reason you may have a lot of excess skin though; sometimes it can be things like a significant amount of weight loss or even a result of volume loss in the face through extensive exercise regimens especially in people that run a lot, commonly referred to as “runner’s face”.

Short on Time and High on Responsibilities

For a lot of people, they simply can’t spare the time required to deal with the downtime associated with many cosmetic procedures. Thankfully with the growing interest in non-surgical and far less invasive treatments like thread lifts, this isn’t something that is a problem anymore. If you are waiting for the “right time” the reality is for most people there’s never a right time in this busy modern world we live in, so sometimes it makes sense to go for something that gives you as much as possible in the least amount of time. Thread lifts can provide a significant difference to your look without having to take time off work or deal with extensive downtime and recovery. Most people find they can do most of what they usually the same day they have completed their treatment. While you may have some lingering redness and soreness after your treatment has been completed, this is typically nothing in contrast to the recovery from a surgical facelift.

The Best Time to Reach Your Cosmetic Goals is Now

A lot of people delay seeking cosmetic treatments due to fear of judgment or feeling embarrassed discussing their concerns. However, this often changes when they finally make a move to visit an experienced Cosmetic Doctor and wonder why they didn’t do it sooner. If you are in Melbourne, you have a professionally run clinic owned and operated by Cosmetic Doctors at your disposal. The fantastic Skin Club clinic in Melbourne understands how important privacy and discretion is to a lot of people, as well as how important it is to take the time to best work with patients to develop a plan to move forward to reach their cosmetic targets. Book a consultation today and look into getting that lift you’ve been dreaming about.

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