If you do decide to get some eyelid surgery, then you should rest easy in knowing that there is a lot this treatment can do for you. Not only that but multiple types of this procedure guarantee you have options. These are different not only in how they act, but what they can do for you. They offer different methods that aim to address personal needs and meet your expectations. However, while this can be a great help in ensuring excellent results, this may not always be enough. 

At the end of the day, this is only a single treatment and it can only be modified in so many ways. Because of that, if you want to guarantee the results you are looking for, one option is to make use of multiple treatments. Different procedures working together can cover all the bases and ensure lasting results. 

Is It Safe To Get Multiple Treatments?

Yes, if you are interested in trying out other treatments aside from your existing eyelid procedure, is quite safe in most cases. However, you should still make sure you consult your doctor about it. During your consultation, or after this treatment is the best time to bring it up. From there, they can discuss its feasibility and some of the options you have. This gives you an idea of your options. 

However, while you can discuss this possibility now, it is also important to wait and see the effects of the treatment. This is because your doctor may not be able to predict how your body reacts to the procedure. They will need to make sure you are physically able to handle the first treatment before giving you another one. 

Noninvasive Treatments 

Doctors are sometimes quite reluctant to give you another surgical procedure right after something like eyelid lift surgery. That can be very demanding even if you are not exhausted by the first surgery. Because of that, if you must get additional treatment, they at least push you towards something noninvasive. Aside from requiring less work, these treatments are not as invasive which means its less strenuous. This applies to both the procedure itself and the side effects that can form after. There are multiple procedures that you can try and pair with this treatment.

Botox Injections

After the treatment, you can ask your doctor to inject Botox in areas around your eyes such as your brow or cheeks. Botox works by paralyzing the muscles in the area to keep it from getting worn out. This can help them seem larger and more relaxed by relaxing your forehead. In the case of a double eyelid procedure, this can keep it from weighing too heavily on your new crease as well as make your eyes look bigger.

They can even remove the wrinkles in that area to make the area, especially in your forehead. This can make your whole upper face seem more rejuvenated. For your lower eyelids, it can prevent lines and creases from forming around your cheeks which can also lead to them looking haggard. It can also work on crow’s feet which is a series of small lines that form on your lower eyelids as you get older. 

Dermal Fillers

Another possible injection treatment you can get with this procedure is a dermal filler. Instead of trying to freeze the skin and muscle around your face, it works to revitalize it. This works by releasing chemicals like HA that works to increase the production of collagen and elastin around the area. These chemicals are key in maintaining the tightness and flexibility of your skin. Working together, these encourage natural healing in your body and in the right places, which can accentuate the best parts of this treatment.

For example, it can improve the appearance of your eyes by getting rid of dark circles. Your eyelid treatment Melbourne can help here by removing the extra fat that leaves a shadow over your eyes. However, these form partially due to a lack of blood flow and volume, two things that dermal fillers fix. 

Some parts of your eyes can be too heavy and others can be too hollow at the same time. Dermal fillers are great at fixing the latter as they encourage more moisture absorption to improve In general, it fixes any hollowness in your eyes that ensure they can appear much cleaner.

Laser Resurfacing

With the use of lasers, doctors can burn off and clean any blemishes on your face while encouraging the growth of collagen. The eyelid treatment works to get rid of the excess tissue inside your face, this can remove all those outside. Lasers remove age spots, wrinkles, and other lines while still encouraging the growth of natural chemicals. This leaves your skin feeling much smoother even after you remove all that tissue and fat.

Chemical Peels

These are cosmetic products you apply to your skin similar to bandages. However, they have chemicals in them that can help improve your skin health. People often use them to treat things such as sun damage, warts, or other blemishes in your skin. For the skin itself, they can make the skin look smoother or reduce discoloration. The advantage with them is that you can easily apply them in your own time and don’t need to rely on a doctor to apply them.  

Invasive Treatments

Although most doctors are reluctant to perform invasive treatments, some of them are willing if you can handle it. These can work on different parts of your face so that instead of just one part looking better, it can be the whole area.


The Rhinoplasty or nose job works very similarly to the Eyelid Surgery treatment, though instead works on your nose instead of your eyes. Here the doctors will make an incision where they will begin to remove the excess fat and tissue from your nose to slim it down. Along with that, they can also make adjustments to the shape and size of your nose by moving the tissue around. Since your nose is so close to your eyes, having this area treated can improve the symmetry of that part of your face.


A facelift can work on both the upper and lower parts of your face. This works by opening up those areas of your face and folding back the skin that is sagging and applying sutures. For the upper part of your face, this can remove the heaviness on your forehead and prevent it from pressing against your eyes. Instead, this makes your eyes look more distinguished. For the lower part, it can add proportion to your face as this area is on the opposite with can give it symmetry.

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