Kybella is one of the most well-known and popular dermal fillers in the US, and for good reason. It works by injecting a substance called polycythemia into the skin to effectively shrink and destroy fat cells. However, to succeed in this treatment, you need plenty of preparation beforehand first. By taking some precautions you can help reduce the possibility of developing risks and side effects while speeding up recovery. What matters though is knowing what to do and how you can prepare. That is why in this article we will explain all the things that you should know and do before the treatment.

How Can You Learn About This Treatment

The best place you can learn about this treatment is from your doctor itself. During your initial consultation with him, this conversation will probably come up between the two of you. Your doctor wants you to recover well just as much as you. They want to ensure their patient gets an excellent experience so will do anything to help them. Because of that one of the things they talk about is how to prepare for the treatment. They will give you advice and instructions based on what they learn about you during your consultation. This is better than anything you can find online due to it being tailor-made for you.

However, if you are not satisfied with that alone you can also do online research. This can be better because you can find information much faster and earlier than before a scheduled consultation. Many medical websites try and help explain some information including how you prepare. However, the issue with this though is that this information is generally quite broad and isn’t always specific. At the same time, you cannot be certain which ones are certain or not. Unfortunately with the internet, there is a lot of fake news out there.

Things to Know Before Kybella Injections

Am I a Good Candidate

Before even getting a Melbourne double chin injection, you should be sure first that you can get one. Generally speaking, this treatment is open to anyone regardless of getting, gender, or race. However, to get approval, you need to consult a doctor and have them agree. Now with doctors, there are some requirements you need to meet. For one, doctors need to know if you understand the treatment and what you are getting into. Informed consent is a key part of a medical procedure and you know everything including risks and the procedure. Along with that they also do not want to give the idea that this treatment is in any way a substitute for a healthy lifestyle. This is why during your consultation they will talk about whether or not you are trying to keep healthy or not. So in whatever area you are trying to treat, doctors want to know that you are at least making the effort to try and treat it.

However, aside from that, they will also be reviewing you physically to see if you are able. This means checking up on your body for any injuries and issues that might be there, especially around the area they are treating. Aside from that, they want to assess the treatment area to figure out what they need to do.

Another thing that people often forget to consider about these treatments is just what exactly are in these injections. This is something you should be very careful of and study carefully. People do not always know what they are putting in their body which can lead to disaster. For all you know, you can be allergic to these chemicals without realizing it. This is why research extends beyond just what it does and to every facet of this treatment, including what’s in it. Other times, the issues can be an ethical one with what ingredients they use. For example, vegans will want to make sure there are no animal products in it.

Expectations and Other Options

Aside from just knowing this treatment, you should also know what the possible results are of it. One of the biggest issues people have with double chin injection are not issues, but poor expectations. Oftentimes people come in with a misguided idea of this treatment and what it can do. They expect hugely dramatic results that are total game-changers. Unfortunately, that is simply not the case with a treatment like this and you are just setting yourself up for disappointment,

If you are expecting something dramatic, then maybe you shoulder consider the other options out there. Kybella isn’t the only fat reduction treatment you have and others may be able to give what you want. Research doesn’t just stop at Kybella, but the other treatments as well. You should learn what they can do for you to figure out if they are more in line with what you want.

Lifestyle Changes

Usually, with this procedure, you will have to make some lifestyle changes as well, both temporary and permanent ones. This is because in the short term you need t to ensure your body is working at peak efficiency before the treatment so it can heal quickly and prevent complications. During your consultation, your doctor will review your lifestyle and see if you need to make any changes. Usually the most common ones you need to make involve drinking and smoking, though some medications should also be avoided. This is because these can affect your healing and make recovery more difficult. You will be expected to stop taking this before and after the treatment while you recover. You can only start after you are done recovering.

However, aside from that, some changes last much longer than just a few weeks or months. These issues are about permanent lifestyle changes you should consider. while this treatment is good, it will not last if you do not pair it with a healthy life. Nothing is stopping this fat from simply coming back if you don’t take care. This means changing your diet and exercise to help maintain the results.


Lastly, there is the recovery time. Although people often forget about it, this is the longest part of the process. As a result, it is one of the most important to remember. This is the time your body is starting to get used to the treatment so you should be ready to deal with what happens during this time. There is a lot to do here and keep in mind, starting with the most important which is keeping track of side effects. Your doctor will tell you what side effects you may experience but here it is your job to keep an eye on them. Be ready to monitor them and alert your doctor if any of them are looking pretty bad. This allows you to catch them early on before getting too serious.

Aside from that, there are also things to speed up recoveries like medication and things meant to rejuvenate your body such as ice packs or certain teas and herbs. During this time your activities should be limited while you rest so you should also read up about what you can and can’t do during this time. As this happens you should slowly get your body used to physical activity little by little.

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