Kybella is an attractive treatment; it manages to destroy chin fat without requiring surgical interventions like liposuction for the chin. If you are planning to have these treatments, or have some already arranged, it can pay to be aware of some of the things you may face before, during, and after your treatments so you can be best prepared. While your practitioner will do their best to ensure you are fully informed it can generally be helpful to go into your consultation or remind yourself of what you are in for when it comes to your treatment timeline.

What to Expect During Your Kybella Consult

The consultation process is a vital part of most cosmetic treatments, be it cosmetic surgery in preparation for chin liposuction and a neck lift, or something less invasive like Kybella injections. Your consultation is a time for not just you to understand the risks involved and potential belkyra side effects but also to give your cosmetic doctor (or cosmetic surgeon) a chance to assess the state of your skin, facial dynamics, and assess what the best way to acheive your goals could be. If you have questions about things like Kybella cost, now is also a great time to discuss your budgetary concerns if you have them. Leaving your consultation fully informed about fat removal from face using Kybella is the best way to get started on your journey to removing your double chin.

Common Kybella Side Effects After Treatment

After you have Kybella injections, it’s common to experience one thing in particular, and that is some degree of swelling. It’s perfectly normal to experience a reasonable degree of swelling as this is expected and is a good sign the treatment is actively performing as anticipated. Most of the swelling can be expected to occur early on and taper off over the first three days post-treatment. There is commonly some residual swelling that can linger for a couple of weeks, but this is usually nothing too intense and shouldn’t be too detrimental to your look. A little makeup will often help hide any redness and swelling after the first couple of days. Bruising, a feeling of warmth, and numbness in the treated area are also some of the side effects of Kybella that can occur. Avoiding alcohol and other things like aspirin that thin the blood can help reduce the chances of increased bruising during Kybella recovery.

Don’t Expect an Instant Fix

Kybella is a very effective non-surgical method to remove a double chin, however, unlike chin liposuction, it does take a little time, and often a varying number of sessions depending on your needs. After you have Kybella for the first time avoid having extremely high expectations, this will ensure that you are pleasantly surprised by your results, rather than frustrated that you may have to have another session. Thankfully Kybella is a minimally invasive approach to remove fat from face that makes this less of an inconvenience than you may expect, especially when you take into account the downtime often required for liposuction or other forms of neck or chin surgery. Being realistic about your results is an excellent way to go into a treatment like Kybella, many of the Kybella horror stories people have are merely from having unrealistic expectations.

How Long Does Kybella Last?

One of the other reasons Kybella really shines for double chin removal and as a liposuction alternative for the chin is in its lasting power. If you maintain a relatively stable weight after you have reduced the size of your chin to your desired size, then you are likely never to have to seek further treatments. If you do happen to gain some weight in the future, it’s still possible you will gain some weight in the chin but as the number of fat cells in your submental region would be reduced, the proportions of fat gained in this area should be a little more consistent with the rest of your body, though this will vary. The results acheived by Kybella are permanent in that the fat cells affected are permanently destroyed. However, the remaining fat cells can still increase in size, so this is just good motivation to do your best to maintain a healthy and consistent weight as much as you can so that you can enjoy your Kybella results for years to come.


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