If you are contemplating the possibility of Kybella treatments, or have already got your date booked you quite likely would like to know as much as possible about what you can do before and after your Kybella treatments to ensure they go as smoothly as possible. While your practitioner should always be your most important source of advice, there are a lot of general things that you can take note of and try and implement in your routine in the lead-up and early on after you have your treatments. The better prepared you are, the smoother your treatment will likely be, and with a few preparations before having treatment, you may even be able to make yourself a better candidate.

Planning Around Your Kybella Treatments

While Kybella treatments are swift to perform, and you’ll be out of the clinic in no time, they are expected to cause some manageable swelling. While a lot of the time for people this isn’t a significant deal, especially if you can relax for the first couple of days after treatment, it can be if you have a special event coming up in the near future to consider. If you are getting married soon or going to a wedding (one of the common reasons people seek cosmetic treatments), then you may want to plan your Kybella treatments around your upcoming commitments. When it comes to Kybella, typically two weeks will cover you in most cases, so if you schedule your treatment to give you two weeks for any Kybella side effects to taper off, you are usually fine. If you are incredibly anxious, try and give yourself an extra week or so, you can always discuss your plans with your practitioner and ask for advice as well.

Discontinue Certain Non-Essential Medications and Supplements

While it’s vital that you never suddenly stop any medications prescribed by your doctor without the advice and guidance of your doctor, there are a lot of things people take that can be detrimental to your upcoming Kybella session. If you take aspirin regularly just like blood-thinning medications, it can also thin the blood, which can increase the risks of bruising and other adverse outcomes.

Some supplements as well are advisable to cease before your treatments include ginkgo biloba, garlic, flax oil, cod liver oil, vitamin A, Vitamin E. Any fatty acid supplements you may take ideally should be stopped between 3 days to a week before and after you are to have your Kybella injections to assist with reducing bleeding and bruising. Again please consult with your primary care doctor before discontinuing any prescribed medications or supplements, especially things like blood-thinners.

Lifestyle Changes

Before and after your Kybella treatment, some lifestyle changes can help you be the best candidate possible, and encourage your recovery to go smoothly as well. Avoiding alcohol before and after Kybella for a reasonable length of time will reduce the chances of bruising, or increasing existing bruising after treatment. Looking at your diet before, after, as well as during your fat dissolving injection sessions can be helpful as well to ensure your body is operating at its best. Foods that are high in sodium sugar, or refined carbohydrates if reduced as much as possible can help with recovering rapidly after your treatment.

Smoking should be minimised or ideally stopped as it will be detrimental to the healing of your injection sites and may cause other issues, as well as just generally not being a good thing for your overall health or skin.

After Kybella Injections

When your Kybella session has been completed there are a few things it pays to remember to help with your recovery and results. Avoiding pressing, rubbing, or being rough with your chin after your double chin injections as it is very important to let the treatment work without interference. Icing the area on and off for the first 24 hours after treatment can help reduce discomfort and some of the swelling that occurs. If you feel the need to take an OTC pain medication to alleviate any pain you are experiencing where possible, opt for paracetamol as some others such as aspirin will thin the blood. Ensuring you stay well hydrated keeps your body functioning well and is always essential during recovery from any cosmetic treatments.

While the surgical cost of a double chin removal can be substantial not just on your wallet but harsh on your schedule as well, the Kybella cost associated with your time is far smaller typically, especially when you take care to ensure that you follow all the directions given by your cosmetic doctor and take some small steps like those mentioned here to reduce potential hazards in your everyday life to a minimum. If you are interested in having Kybella injections, book a consultation today with an experienced cosmetic doctor and see why so many people are turning to Kybella to remove excess chin fat.


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