Lip fillers are quite mild when it comes to recovery, there is no cutting or stitches, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some things you can do or should avoid after lip fillers until your injection sites have healed and your lips are looking plump and fresh. There’s quite a few easy to accomplish lip filler dos and don’ts that can help have your lips bouncing back a little more quickly and with less chance of running into further issues, such as increasing the generally minor bruising you can often have after lip fillers.

The Unexpected Enemy of Lip Fillers

Sounds dramatic, but this is something that often catches people off guard and many of you reading this will likely find this a surprising thing that can be detrimental to healing from lip fillers. Straws, while they may seem like a great way to avoid getting drinks on your lips, often seem like a great way to help your lips heal. However, when you use a straw, the suction used puts pressure on your lips, and with one of the most common side effects of lip fillers being minor bruising, this is far from ideal. Using straws, especially with thicker liquids, just after having lip fillers can result in increased bruising, so what seems like a potentially good idea to many people, turns out to be not such a great one and something that often catches people unexpectedly. It’s best to avoid using straws for a couple of days after your session, and if you do risk it, at least try and stick to thinner liquids and be gentle on those freshly plumped lips of yours.

Alcohol and Lip Fillers

“Can I drink after lip fillers” is a very common question due to so many people getting lip fillers in preparation for social events; however, the answer is something that can be slightly disappointing but easy to work-around. One of the side effects of alcohol is it thins your blood, so when you have injectable treatments like lip fillers, thinner blood often results in an increased risk of bruising or more severe bruising. As previously mentioned though, thanks to lip fillers being fairly non-invasive if you avoid excess alcohol consumption 24hrs prior to your treatment and for a couple of days after you’ll generally not have too much trouble. If you already have a moderate amount of bruising be a little more cautious, but just try and take it easy a little before and after to help avoid any alcohol-related filler mishaps.

Kissing After Lip Fillers

This is something that is generally ok in moderation, though, avoiding heavier kissing and lengthy makeout sessions for a day or so after your treatment is a good idea. Milder lip movement like smiling or light kissing will usually not cause any problems, but avoiding anything too intense for a day or two, no matter how tempting, can help reduce the odds of causing or increasing bruising, while also allowing the filler to settle more naturally without too much agitation that may result in some shifting or migration leading to asymmetry.

What Can I Do After Lip Fillers?

After those few things you are best to try and avoid or minimise after lip fillers, why not focus on some positive ways you can help get your lips healing as quickly as possible. As lip fillers are injectable treatments even though the injection sites are tiny, it pays to try and keep them clean to reduce the risk of infection. Not picking at your lips seems obvious, but this is also something positive you can do and try to keep in mind, helps let your injection sites heal without too much interference, and helps with cleanliness as well. Gentle massage can help your lip filler settle, avoid being too aggressive, but gentle massage with your fingers now and then can be useful and reduce the odds of any bumpiness or lumps if the filler doesn’t settle well.

The Best Thing to Do Before Getting Lip Fillers

With all this talk about after you get lip fillers, don’t forget to take into account what to do before you get them as well. The best way to get started on your journey to amazing lips is to book a consultation with an experienced Cosmetic Doctor like those at Skin Club in Melbourne. Providing the finest quality lip fillers, matched with their impressive skill and experience performing these treatments, the best thing you can do before considering even getting lip fillers is booking an obligation-free consultation with them and discussing the best ways to enhance your lips.

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