Do you ever get the feeling that something about your whole face has changed but just can not put a finger on it? With time and age, you will notice your skin starting to look dull and saggy. Your skin just starts following its own course and does not listen to you, no matter how many new skincare routines you try out. This becomes a problem because the first thing people notice after meeting us has to be our faces. Your first impression always depends on your total outlook and the confidence with which you carry yourself. 

Points such as age, emotional or psychological stress, weight gain or loss and other lifestyle habits such as smoking or vaping frequently can make your face look tiresome, bland and aged. You may have lost some of that confidence of yours. The solution is definitely easier to this problem of yours. You are not alone in this. About 40% of our patients at Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors, here in Melbourne come looking for such advanced procedures for all their beauty problems.

After your initial consultation with doctors, they may ask you to think about getting a facelift treatment at this point. A facelift will definitely improve the elasticity of the skin of your face. With the natural ageing process, the muscles of your face start losing their elasticity; and you have to suffer the consequences. Parts of your face like your eyebrows, your upper eyelids, your cheeks and your chin start to appear wrinkled and saggy along your skin and neck. Thus, successful facelift surgery will improve the appearance of your skin, giving you a much younger and fresher look. 

Talking about facelifts, thread lift surgeries are getting more and more popular every day. Thread lift surgery is done at our Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors clinic using PDO threads. 

PDO threads are made of a protein polymer called Polydioxanone. PDO threads dissolve in your skin with time. These threads relax your tendons and improve blood circulation, boosting collagen production in your skin. This gives you a more youthful look. These thread lifts are also done using FDA-approved methods.

Let us find out the areas that will be improved after you have had a thread lift surgery melbourne:

  • Both of your cheeks
  • Your eyebrows, and upper eyelids
  • Your lower eyelids
  • Any crow’s feet around your eyes
  • Your hairline
  • Any stress lines present on your forehead
  • Your nose
  • Your jawline, chin and any double chin 
  • Your neckline
  • Nasolabial Lines

Thread lift surgeries in Melbourne have been in the run long enough to be called safe and almost completely risk-free. At Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors, you will notice the result of your thread lift treatment almost immediately after the procedure. After about 10 – 14 days of the procedure, the protein in the PDO threads starts breaking down naturally. Over the coming weeks, you will see the results continue to improve, peaking at about 5 – 6 months. 

Are you wondering how long the effects of your thread lift treatment will last? We have the answer. The results of this treatment can even last up to 3 years. The duration depends largely on your lifestyle, your own body’s metabolism, and also the effectiveness of the PDO threads. These are important in maintaining the tightening and glow of your skin. 

Thread lift treatments here at Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors are conscious of how we affect our environment. Hence, PDO thread in itself is undoubtedly a biodegradable product. It will disintegrate and break down within some 12 – 14 weeks. This will boost the new collagen that has started forming surrounding the PDO thread. From this point onwards, you will see steady results from the treatment. Hence, a PDO thread lift is supposed to be a very long-lasting treatment. 

PDO thread lift surgeries are therefore very popular as a good option for getting facelifts. They have been proven to effectively maintain and smooth and fresh texture of the targeted areas of skin. Facial thread lift treatments are popular day by day because facelifts also cover a variety of other problems as well. 

Are you still wondering if you should get thread lift surgery for your face? We can assure you that you are the right fit for it, and it is also the right fit for you. Thread lift surgeries here in Melbourne using special PDO threads will be good at maintaining a healthy and smooth texture of the treated skin giving you the confidence boost you need to face the world. With very less risk involved and no required downtime or strenuous aftercare required post-treatment, thread lifts provide much more benefits than other surgical procedures.

Wondering if it is appropriate to get a thread lift treatment your age? Let us look at the age groups and the effect of facial thread lift surgery on them. It will definitely help you decide :

  • Ages 20 – 30 : 

This is usually very early for a thread lift surgery as you will still be having great skin with no signs of ageing. You may still consider getting this treatment if you have lost weight suddenly, and your skin has become saggy as a result.

You can also consider a thread lift if you want to keep your skin as such for longer before you start showing signs of ageing. 

  • Ages 30 – 40 : 

At this point, considering a thread lift surgery to prevent all early signs of ageing is not uncommon. You may start noticing the appearance of some fine lines, and stress lines. A thread lift surgery can greatly benefit you at this point. 

This is also the age people undergo the most amount of stress, and develop habits like smoking. Smoking dehydrates and stops your skin from getting enough oxygen, as a result, your skin may end up looking much duller and aged than it should. Consider a thread lift surgery when you reach this stage.

  • Ages 40 – 50 :

Most people who get thread lift surgery treatments are from this age group. The signs of ageing start getting more and more prominent on your face. You will properly notice crow’s feet around your eyes, smile lines, forehead stress lines and other wrinkles on your face. Besides these, your skin will also start getting loose and saggy at this point. This is the time a thread lift surgery is essential to get back your confidence.

  • Ages 50 – 60 :

At this age, your face has changed significantly, and signs of ageing are clear. A thread lift surgery clubbed with other treatments can still give you a fresh look and decrease the signs of ageing. 

Consult our expert cosmetic doctors at Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors for more information regarding thread lift treatments. Our experts use PDO threads for performing this treatment safely. Get a consultation today for a one-stop solution to all your cosmetic problems, and bring out your inner confidence.

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