What is Injected into the Lips to Achieve Natural and Long Lasting Results


The most commonly used product by cosmetic doctors today is hyaluronic acid (HA). It is a form of sugar that is present naturally in most body tissue. HA is a reliable and very safe product that will last much longer than collagen or other common injectables. At Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors in Melbourne, we use only the highest quality products because they offer the longest lasting and more natural looking results for our patients.


Many doctors are now using different techniques to create more realistic lips such as Lip Tenting, which is acheived by injecting filler vertically towards the border of the lips rather than parallel. This can allow the cosmetic doctor to control the volume more efficiently and get a more refined lip shape. This method is useful for fashioning more of a contoured lip line when working on older patients while also for adding more volume to the central body of the lips for younger patients.



Which Kind of Techniques Can Be Potentially Used When Seeking The Perfect Pout


The Keyhole pout technique can be used if a patient want’s a mouth with more character that stands out, think Angelina Jolie. This can be acheived using a piece of string or dental floss that is firmly held vertically down the middle of the patients bottom lip and if sometimes desired the top. The pressure on this area creates a natural divot or indentation so when the doctor injects filler on either side of this line it will, in turn, create that soft, full lip effect with a pillowy appearance.


Only trust a certified, well trained and experienced cosmetic doctor. They will help you acheive the best outcomes safely and help you get the longest lasting gorgeous results!

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