Sweating is healthy; everyone does it. The problem is though, for a variety of reasons, some people sweat more than is reasonable or healthy. This can lead to several issues such as frequent skin infections and rashes, but can also be hiding a number of quite serious medical conditions. If you are someone who sweats profusely to an amount that seems out of the ordinary, it’s worth your while getting checked out. You might find a great way to treat it, or you may save yourself from something that is indirectly causing you to sweat excessively that could be very harmful if left unchecked and untreated.

Illness and Infection

There are a lot of secondary factors that can cause hyperhidrosis, for the people that start dealing with extreme sweating, later in life especially; it’s often associated with an underlying or secondary cause such as an illness or disease. Hyperthyroidism, some forms of cancer, diabetes, active infections, and an almost endless list of illnesses and other health problems can be a reason a person develops hyperhidrosis. If you are someone who sweats excessively, it’s crucial you don’t ignore it as you may be overlooking something very severe.

Mental Health Problems

Issues with mental health can both be a cause or a symptom of hyperhidrosis. Extreme stress or anxiety can result in increased sweating; sweating more is a rather common thing people with anxiety face. The other side of the issue, though is that sweating excessively can be extremely stressful and affect many parts of your life. Everything from intimate relationships, your sex life, to socialising with friends and coping in the workplace are things that can be dramatically affected by sweating too much and in turn, over time lead to quite debilitating anxiety in some people. It’s often not always apparent to people when it comes to excessive sweating how serious it can be for people’s mental health. If you are dealing with mental health issues, it’s important to always ask for help, help is available, and there are always ways to improve your situation, be it medication or counselling. Mental health professionals are a fantastic asset when you are struggling with anxiety, stress, or depression caused by hyperhidrosis or causing it.

Fitness and Lifestyle Choices

If you are sweating excessively for some people, it can be connected to their lifestyle choices or level of fitness, while these seem separate things there can often be quite a lot of overlap. For example, drinking alcohol is something that can cause you to sweat more, and it can also affect your fitness levels when you drink to excess or abuse other substances for that matter, especially regularly. Your diet is another thing that can be a problem. If you aren’t getting all the nutrition you need from your diet your body can suffer and can result in you sweating more, alongside a lot of other problems depending on how severe things get with a poor diet. Obesity is another factor that can contribute to hyperhidrosis. While this isn’t so much a lifestyle choice for a lot of people, it is a factor that affects both fitness and your likelihood of sweating excessively.

Dramatic Hormonal Changes

When the body goes through dramatic shifts in hormonal levels or balance, it can cause a variety of symptoms, one of the common ones people experience is excessive sweating. If you are pregnant, this is one of the parts of your life you may very well experience it. Going through menopause is another time that women will often develop problems with excessive sweating. Speak to your practitioner if you develop hyperhidrosis during either of these periods and see what can be done to help in your circumstances.

What Can I Do About Excessive Sweating in Melbourne?

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