Good news for people who want the results of a facelift but not so keen on undergoing surgery to get it. Injectable fillers are becoming increasingly popular over the last decade because of the more natural looking results they provide over conventional alternatives. As part of the aging process, we all face the collagen in the skin starts to break down over time reducing its volume and strength. Dermal fillers can be an effective and somewhat safe solution for restoring skin to a more youthful state and restoring the volume that is usually lost as time goes on. Often referred to as the liquid facelift and on occasion lunchtime lift, these fillers can take just a few minutes to inject with immediate results.

Low Pain Experience Without Big Results

There are many injectable fillers on the market today, and doctors generally like to personalize their use by determining what a client wants to acheive before choosing which specific product variant to use. At Skin Club in Melbourne, we use various high quality dermal fillers and provide skilled cosmetic doctors to give the best outcomes and service. So why is it often called the “liquid facelift”? HA is a form of naturally occurring protein in the connective tissue of the skin. A synthetic form of HA has been developed in various styles and consistencies that looks similar to a gel or thick liquid. This filler liquid is injected with tiny needles into the dermis or just below depending on the area being worked on. Next to no pain is experienced as lidocaine is included within most injections numbing the region starting with the first injection. Slight swelling and mild irritation are to be expected, but that doesn’t mean any potential client should look past dermal filler treatments due to this as the results outweigh the minor discomfort. Our cosmetic doctors at Skin Club are expert injectors from everything to lip plumping to restoring volume in the cheeks and much more. After initial swelling subsides, the results are generally what the client was targeting aesthetically with their youthful look and refreshed appearance restored or enhanced.

As Much as 18 Months of Visible Effects

All dermal fillers maintain their desired effect for at least six months typically, with some hyaluronic acid products lasting as long as 18 months. The duration of effectiveness varies from patient to patient’s body breaks it down and metabolizes it at slightly different rates. This average duration period can be improved when a patient chooses to maintain their filler regiment over time building up a stronger foundation of hyaluronic acid.

The popularity of non-surgical treatments is increasing all around the world and with dermal fillers becoming more refined and more variation being offered for specific uses now on increases that more. Specific areas can be targeted such as certain types of HA fillers being a better consistency for lips, marionette lines around the lips or wrinkles for example. Some variations are ideal for cheek and jawline enhancement, others for undereye hollows or dark circles giving plentiful options yet while these options also vary on patient needs and skin condition and so forth it shows how many options are out there now. There’s essentially an option and approach for just about any situation or patient.

It’s important to be aware that since liquid facelifts have become so popular even nurses and medical doctors are administering injectable fillers. The problem is practitioners doing cosmetic procedures as a secondary income are often less skilled than a skilled, experienced and qualified cosmetic doctor who’s artistry and application will generally give much better outcomes for patients. At Skin Club in Melbourne, medical staff are trained in the field of Cosmetic Medicine and Surgery. We do not let any professional other than Cosmetic Doctors perform procedures and treatments for our clients. Book a consultation with us to discuss what we can do for you, and you’ll see for yourself the professionalism and experience that our clients receive. We have before and after photos available for viewing and even some video, there’s a large amount of this available for viewing already on our Instagram and Facebook accounts. Choosing a skilled and experienced injector will give you more finely crafted results, when working with your face this is all the more critical. When considering a liquid facelift trust the experts and acheive that natural, youthful look you are craving.

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