With the treatment getting so popular, you now may be wondering just what is a Melbourne Brazilian Butt Lift. This means not just what it does for you or how you will look after, but what is it. With so many people wanting to get this treatment, they may not realize what it entails. That is why we want to first explain how this treatment work. In this article, we will run through the whole process step by step. This means starting from getting this treatment to seeing how it can help you and what it does to recovery.

Before the Procedure

Initial Consultation

Treatments like this always start with a consultation between you and your doctor. This is for the two of you to meet face to face and see if this is something you want. Your doctor will start by reviewing your medical records to see if you have any conditions that can affect the treatment. Along with that, they will also perform a physical examination to confirm this and check if they missed anything, At the same time, their physical exam is a chance for them to take a look at the area.

Aside from just examining you, the doctor will also explain the treatment to you. They will run through the procedure and everything that entails, including answering your questions if you have any. This will also give them chance to clear up any misconceptions about the treatment that you might have.

Meanwhile, this is your chance to explain your situation and what you want to be done from this procedure. More than just making conversation, many doctors use this knowledge to build the procedure around what you want.

How to Know if You are an Ideal Patient

The consultation is more than just figuring out what you want, it is to see if you are the ideal patient for this procedure. Many clinics that offer Brazilian butt lift treatment in Melbourne usually also have a set of requirements that you meet. Typically, a patient should be in good health who be maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Despite that, they want someone who is not satisfied with their appearance around their bottom and is looking to improve it. If they want this treatment, then they should have at least a basic knowledge of this treatment and what it entails. While not required, having an extra area with unwanted fat deposits can help.

Treatment Itself

If all of this goes well then you can proceed with our treatment. Your doctor will typically give you a time and date where you can get this treatment. In this situation, you will have to be under some anesthesia so you will not feel a thing. It starts with your doctor identifying areas with the fat deposits and where they will transfer it too. From there they will begin to massage the area to try and break down the fat deposits to make them easier to remove. Once that is done, they can begin making incisions around the area. These cuts are going to be small, just large enough to fit a cannula that will suck out the broken-up fat.

How much fat they remove can depend on what your needs are and what they consider safe. However, once they have enough of it they can begin to make the incisions around your buttocks in places that you want. They will clean and purify the fat they just got before starting to insert it back into your body. From there, they will show up both areas with stitches so that the wounds are closed. They will also add some compression garments or bandages to prevent bleeding.

This procedure goes well and there are no complications, your doctors can send you home on the same day.


After this treatment, you will need to spend some time recovering. due to the location of the treatment, it can seriously affect how you sit and sleep. Doctors will not allow you to sleep on your butt or put any weight on it when sitting. Instead, they will recommend sleeping on your stomach or side. This can make it difficult to work and you will be better off taking some time off while you recover. During that time, you should keep an eye out for side effects on your buttocks. For example, you will see some swelling, redness, and occasionally bleeding. These are all-natural and part of the healing process.

At the same time, doctors suggest not doing any physical activity in this time to avoid straining you. Stress and trauma in that area can slow down healing and cause some issues. Instead, you should slowly ease your body back into doing its normal activity. The whole process can depend on your own needs, but it can take up to several weeks to fully recover, sometimes more than a month.

On some occasions, more serious side effects can develop. Things like infection, blood problems, and nerve damages are rare but they do happen from time to time. When that happens it is important that you tell your doctor right away if you experience any serious issues.

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