While it’s great to know what to expect during a thread lift treatment or the results that can be acheived, it’s just as important to understand what you are likely in for after a thread lift (or other) treatment. While thread lifts are often far easier to recover from than a rhytidectomy (facelift), there are still things to prepare yourself for, and ways you can help ease your post-treatment period.

What is a Thread Lift Anyway?

If you’ve stumbled on this page and don’t yet know what a thread lift is, no problem, we’ve got you covered. A thread lift is a popular non-surgical alternative to a rhytidectomy. Using dissolvable sutures that are applied under the skin of the face and above the muscle, this treatment provides an increase in lift and allows for refining your look in various ways. If you haven’t heard of a thread lift before but have been considering having a facelift but feel you don’t warrant that yet, this may be just what you’ve been looking for. Book a consultation with an experienced practitioner and find out what this treatment may be able to offer you.

What Makes a Thread Lift Suitable for Me?

While there are always factors to consider for each individual that can be pretty broad you will have to discuss with your practitioner, there are a few things that make you a good candidate for a thread lift. If you are finding yourself bothered by your face starting to sag, but don’t have a large amount of excess skin and your skin elasticity is still reasonable you are likely a good fit. If there’s a lot of excess skin, you will require a surgical facelift to receive an adequate improvement. Still, when there’s only a moderate amount of loose skin, this can probably be dealt with really effectively with a thread lift instead of having to opt for surgery.

What is Recovery Like from a Thread Lift?

Thread lifts are very tolerable to recover from, especially when you compare it to a facelift. You’d never hear of people slipping straight back into their regular routine right after a facelift; you do frequently hear this about people that received a thread lift though. Redness, swelling, and tenderness are the most common things you can expect after you have this treatment, while you may experience more adverse outcomes like an infection, they are less frequent. The risks can be reduced by seeking out an experienced and qualified practitioner to perform your treatments. You will likely be recommended some things to avoid after your treatment, such as not sleeping on your face for a while and not being too rough with your face until the threads have settled into place and stabilised. Avoid massaging or pulling at the face for two weeks and not making wide-open mouth movements can help reduce the chance of your threads moving before they get properly established. To deal with any discomfort it can typically be managed with just the use of occasional ibuprofen or paracetamol if desired. Applying ice to your face can also help with any pain you may experience.

The Benefits of Choosing a Thread Lift Instead of a Facelift?

  • Less downtime and for some people virtually none
  • Quick to perform only taking half an hour on average
  • Significantly less chance for scarring
  • Less invasive
  • Can be performed without general anesthesia
  • Long-lasting at between 1-2 years on average
  • Minimal pain during the treatment as local anaesthesia is used
  • No post-treatment hospital stay required

Finding Out What You Can Expect from a Thread Lift

Being assessed by a qualified Cosmetic Doctor is the best start to finding out if a thread lift is well suited to reach your aesthetic goals, as well as what to expect before during and after. If you are considering getting a thread lift in Melbourne, the fantastic Skin Club clinic is a great option. Their personalised approach to treating patients is clear from the beginning of your treatment journey thanks to their in-depth consultations, that ensure they take the time to offer you the best advice and options based on your needs and circumstances. Book a consultation yourself to find out why so many people love the service provided at Skin Club in Melbourne.

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