If you are sweating too much, it’s a problem, one that can be not just a cause of concern and something you should pay attention to but can be remarkably problematic for your comfort and confidence in social situations. Quite often people that have issues with extreme sweating begin to start avoiding things that may put you in an awkward position where people may notice how sweaty you are, and when you are sweating a lot this can become a real problem quite rapidly. Worse yet stress and anxiety can contribute to hyperhidrosis, leading to a cycle of sweating even more, resulting in more anxiety, and the cycle continues.

When Does Normal Sweating Become Hyperhidrosis

People that have a problem with excessive sweating it’s often them that realise it’s an issue. It can be one too many comments about how much they sweat that can provoke them to consider it’s unusual, or just the sheer excess of sweat being produced. However, what makes hyperhidrosis different from healthy sweating is that it affects your life in negative ways.

Sweating excessively can lead to a number of issues, both mental and physical. If you are someone who experiences frequent or chronic skin infections in areas that you are prone to sweating a lot, this is a sign you could have a problem. If the amount you sweat is becoming problematic for you socially or in the workplace and affecting your ability to express yourself and conduct yourself with confidence, it’s a problem. When you are trying to manage your sweating with adequate hygiene, antiperspirant, and still you struggle with body odour and other issues relating to sweating too much, this is when you likely have hyperhidrosis and should seek professional advice and treatment.

What Causes Excessive Sweating?

Hyperhidrosis is categorised into two primary types, primary focal and secondary generalised. The difference between these two is the type of thing causing the issue. Secondary hyperhidrosis is caused by factors such as medication side effects or underlying medical conditions, essentially any indirect cause of the excessive sweating will usually fall into this category. Primary hyperhidrosis is caused by overactive sweat glands or an unknown cause that doesn’t seem to be caused by any other medical issues the person is facing. There are a variety of causes for secondary hyperhidrosis, some of the more well-known causes are menopause, diabetes, some types of cancer, tuberculosis, obesity, nerve problems, thyroid issues, and much more.

Treating Excessive Sweating

When looking to treat hyperhidrosis first, you need to rule out issues that may be causing secondary hyperhidrosis, and sometimes these can be severe issues that need to be addressed. Once you have done that there are a variety of options for treatment that will vary in suitability depending on the severity of your sweating and other factors. Nerve-blocking medications are sometimes considered; this reduces signals from the nerves reaching the sweat glands triggering them, reducing sweating.

 Anti-wrinkle injections are an option that is growing in popularity, a treatment that has been in widespread use for a number of years for a variety of issues also makes a very effective treatment when used to directly target the nerves that trigger the sweat glands and paralyse them temporarily. This treatment takes minutes to perform and can last months, making it a practical choice that a lot of people find enticing.

 If you are struggling to get adequate relief from other treatments and are still suffering from excessive sweating, sometimes surgery is considered but usually only as a last resort. The surgical approach involves either directly removing sweat glands that are problematic or severing the nerves from them to break the signal path to stimulate the glands.

How To Treat Excessive Sweating in Melbourne

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