Balding is a common concern, you’ve probably found yourself looking at your hairline at least once and wondered if it’s where it should be or if it’s receding. There are various approaches to dealing with balding and ways to treat multiple types of hair loss. While commonly associated with men, balding is something that can affect both genders, and all age groups, it’s often merely the causes for it that can differ. Balding can be a real detriment to your self-confidence, especially if you’d rather keep your hair then take the clippers to it in an attempt to make it look intentional. However, while hair loss can be challenging to deal with on your own, there are professionals that can help and various treatment options available.

What is Male Pattern Baldness?

A common form of balding in men as they age, male pattern baldness typically results in a loss of hair as hormone levels change in the body throughout a man’s life, which starts to change more rapidly as people get older. Androgenetic alopecia is the medical name for this condition that affects a lot of men later in life. Around half of all men by the age of fifty starts to experience this problem to at least some degree. While this is a natural process, it can be worse for some people, and quite distressing for those that place a lot of value in having a fuller head of hair. If you experience very rapid or sudden hair loss there’s a good chance this isn’t merely this form of baldness and something else, possibly significant is at play.

What Causes Male Pattern Baldness?

There are a few primary factors that result in this form of hair loss. The fundamental factors that come into play are genetics, hormonal changes, and age. The odds of you experiencing male pattern baldness and to what extent are also highly likely affected by genetic factors, so if this is a trait common among your older biological family members, this is more likely to affect you than average. While most men experience baldness or thinning hair as they age to some degree, these factors can affect how likely you are to develop this and how early in life. Interestingly some ethnicities such as the Japenese and Chinese are less likely to experience this problem, further pointing to a substantial genetic component to this type of hair loss. The higher the number of relatives you have two-steps back from you that have balding issues, the more significantly likely you will as well.

Other Causes for Hair Loss in Men

There are numerous causes for hair loss in men, starting with dietary issues like iron deficiency and excess vitamin A which can sometimes be caused by certain medications. Blood thinners are a quite common medication taken by ageing men that can also lead to hair loss. If you have diabetes, you are also at an increased risk of hair loss issues, just as you are if you suffer from any chronic illnesses such as lupus or thyroid problems. Another reason men can lose hair is stress, excessive stress levels put a strain on the body and can result in a problem called telogen effluvium, which is a disturbance in the growth cycle of your hair, it can be caused by other issues as well, but stress is commonly associated.

The Best Balding Treatment in Melbourne

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