The double chin can be a confusing thing to those that have one, and you can try just about everything on your own at times to deal with it and not be able to shift the excess fat accumulation at all. Sometimes you are left wondering how you ended up with it in the first place, and if you are more importantly, what you can do about treating it. If you have checked off all the things you can do yourself and are still having no luck shifting this excess fat, there’s an option to target fat accumulation in the chin directly, that doesn’t even require surgery.

How Do You Get a Double Chin?

If you have a double chin or are merely curious, a common question people have is what causes a double chin. There are a few primary causes, the first being excess weight gain, the second factor to consider is a genetic predisposition that can result in more weight being distributed in the chin. Another cause for getting a double chin is ageing, as your skin starts to lose elasticity and sag it can contribute to the formation of a double chin, or make your chin look heavier as the skin begins to follow gravity. A less commonly considered cause of a double chin is posture, the muscles of the neck and chin can start to weaken when not being used over time, this can be a result of having poor posture and result in the formation of a larger chin.

Exercises to Get Rid of a Double Chin

Using exercise as a first resort is a good measure wherever possible before considering cosmetic treatments, while a lot of people have tried anything and everything. If you haven’t yet reached that point neck and face exercises are something you can try you may not have considered. Having an overall healthy exercise regiment is something to look at first whenever possible as you may find with a reduction in excess weight your face and chin will follow suit.

Diet to Get Rid of a Double Chin

Having a well-rounded and complete diet is always essential, especially when you are dealing with something that concerns excess fat. While chin fat can be stubborn to shift, covering as many of your bases as possible before seeking treatment help try and ensure you make the best candidate and are in the best condition you can be to have double chin removal treatments. If you find it challenging to exercise as much as you’d like due to a hectic work schedule, family commitments, or disability, it’s all the more important to pay attention to your diet.

How to Treat a Double Chin Without Surgery

While there are surgical options for treating a double chin such as chin liposuction, these can be more invasive and require more recovery. Nowadays, there are quality treatments for many cosmetic concerns that don’t require surgery or even cutting and stitches; one of those is when treating a double chin. Double chin injections can directly target the cells in the chin that are storing fat and permanently destroy their ability to hold and accumulate fat. After an average of three treatments, if consistent weight is maintained, you are often unlikely ever to have to seek treatment for a double chin again. The specific amount of treatment you will require will vary from person to person and what you hope to acheive.

The Solution to a Double Chin in Melbourne

There’s a lot of people frustrated with their oversized chins, but finding someone with a good solution can be a little harder. Unless you live in Melbourne and have the experienced Cosmetic Doctors at Skin Club at your disposal. They are experienced in dealing with oversized chins and can help you develop a plan to get you looking your best. Even if you are seeking a broader rejuvenation or enhancement that includes your chin, Skin Club can help you develop a plan to target your various areas of concern. If you are tired of dealing with a chin that you’d like to be a little less prominent, book a consultation today and find out how you can get started moving towards reaching your aesthetic targets.

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