Do you feel like, through every big event of your life, your sweaty palms, sweaty back and sweaty face have been the only true constant? Are you tired of having to wipe down your face every 5 minutes? Do you dread summers as well? Let me tell you, you are not alpine. A lot of people find themselves sweating excessively due to a number of reasons.

Fortunately, we have many ways of making you stop worrying about your excessive sweating problems. Get yourself worried about other things, but not this! Of course, your sweat problems can easily be solved here at Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors.

Your condition, in common words, is known as Hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis makes many people suffer from excessive sweating in several parts of their face and body like their underarms, hairline, under breasts, upper lips, inner thighs, forehead, hands, and feet. Skin ClubCosmetic Doctors offer cosmetic remedies that can cure everything nowadays; including hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating treatments as well.

The sweat glands present on the surface of your face and body, are responsible for making you sweat. These glands secrete a fluid to flush out toxins from your body, and to keep your body temperature on balance. But too much sweating can hinder your daily lifestyle and make you feel overly self-conscious.

You know what hyperhidrosis is, but do you know the factors that can cause such a syndrome? Excessive sweating is more common than you think. 7 out of 10 people can suffer from excessive sweating syndrome. Some factors that can cause this syndrome are :

  • Extreme heat
  • Too much exercise
  • Anxiety and stress from nervousness
  • Passed down genetic conditions
  • Certain foods containing caffeine and some spices
  • Infections
  • Gout
  • Pituitary disease
  • Diabetes
  • Very low rates of metabolism
  • Dysautonomia
  • Menopause
  • Antidepressant medications
  • Weather conditions

Although cosmetic procedures for excessive sweating treatments are much more lasting and effective, if you feel like you have minor forms of hyperhidrosis, try to include these steps in your daily lifestyle to keep your excessive sweating under control :

  • Shower every day: Taking a shower regularly helps to reduce the number of odour-producing bacteria on your body. Dry yourself well, especially the parts of your body that you think sweat excessively.
  • Use non-prescription antiperspirants: Antiperspirants can temporarily block your sweat secretion on the applied area. These products contain an aluminium-based compound which helps in sweat reduction. Use an antiperspirant every day after a shower to help with minor hyperhidrosis.
  • Wear suitable clothes: Wear light or neutral colours, and natural fabrics like cotton and wool. Avoid synthetic materials like polyester, crepe and others. Natural fabrics allow your skin to breathe, and stop you from feeling hot and stuffy, thus reducing your sweat.
  • Shoes: If you feel like your feet sweat excessively, try wearing open shoes like sandals or slippers. You can even go barefoot at home. Try to avoid stuffy shoes like sneakers as much as possible. Wash and dry your feet well. Shoes made of natural materials like leather can also help keep your sweat in check. If you are exercising, wear moisture-absorbing shoes.
  • Socks: Socks may be a part of your problem. The residue of sweat in your socks gives birth to odour-producing bacteria, which can be a big hindrance. You should change your socks often, and wash your dirty socks in a solution of detergent and anti-bacterial liquid. Cotton socks are better for your feet than synthetic socks.  
  • Try relaxation techniques: Sweating may also be the result of extreme nervousness or anxiety. If you are a nervous person by nature, you must consider several relaxation techniques such as meditation and yoga. These can help you learn to control the stress that triggers sweating.

If the above steps do not help you much, do not go back to the corner worrying about excessive sweating treatments again. Just know that at this age, 99% of your cosmetic problems can be solved through several available cosmetic treatments. Leave it to our experts here at Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors to provide you with the solution and solve your problems with an excessive sweating treatment procedure.

Consult our cosmetic experts at Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors, in Melbourne if you have been feeling severe symptoms of hyperhidrosis. Firstly, you have to get a proper diagnosis to determine the severity of your condition. If you are diagnosed medically with excessive sweating syndrome you can start thinking about excessive sweating treatment options. 

Of course, you can get your hyperhidrosis treated through excessive sweating therapies. These non-surgical treatments usually begin to work within 3 – 5 days. Two weeks after therapy, there is a complete reduction in sweating. These therapies pose minimal downtime, and almost all activities of normal life can be resumed from the day after. People are advised to stay in a cool atmosphere generally after this. Non-surgical injection therapy is an effective treatment which can be performed to rid you of your Hyperhidrosis very easily. Excessive sweating treatment takes even less than an hour to be completed by our expert doctors here in Melbourne.

At Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors, here in Melbourne, we use high-grade Botox injections to treat Hyperhidrosis. Candidates are mostly satisfied with the results. Non-surgical excessive sweating treatments also pose almost zero downtime. You can resume almost all activities of your normal routine within 24 hours of each session of treatment. Depending on the severity of your condition, the doctor may suggest you go through 1 year of these therapy treatments for satisfactory results. 

These injections are also pain-free. They may however cause you some mild discomfort for a few hours after the treatment session. You will most likely be used to the feeling as the sessions increase. Not to mention that non-surgical treatments are becoming extremely popular as opposed to surgical and invasive treatments nowadays. These forms of treatments are much safer as well as risk-free than surgical alternatives that require incisions to be made on the targeted areas.  

Still confused about whether this will be the right step for you? Consult our experts here at Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors to know the right action for your situation. We will guide you so that you can get rid of all your cosmetic problems and live a smooth, healthy and confident life.

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