There are many causes for hair loss, a wide range, which makes it something people of any age can face. Certain things can contribute and periods of a person’s life that can make them more prone to hair loss. If you are wondering what age hair loss can start, the answer is any. However, there are some things you can look for that may cause hair loss at particular ages and stages of your life and things you can do to get on the path to treating it.

Life Changes Can Trigger Hair Loss

Post-pregnancy hair loss is something that often catches a lot of people off guard, especially after often finding their hair quality improves during pregnancy. The hormonal changes that occur after giving birth can lead to hair loss that typically starts to occur at around three months after having your child. Menopause is another life event that can trigger hair loss in women for the same kind of reasons; hormonal shifts can have quite a dramatic effect on your hair.

Can Mental Illness Cause Hair Loss?

Extreme emotional distress can result in hair loss as well, anxiety, stress, and traumatic life events can all trigger mechanisms that lead in you starting to lose hair. Sometimes mental illnesses can even manifest in hair-pulling. This issue is a very direct form of hair loss which can be quite hard to treat at times as the hair-pulling itself can lead to further stress which may have caused the cycle to start in the first place, resulting in the formation of a kind of feedback loop. A death in the family is something we all typically face at one point or another; this is a common period where people can be extremely overwhelmed, leading to hair loss.

Illnesses Can Trigger Hair Loss

As we get older, the odds of getting ill and requiring treatment increase, sometimes you may even find hair loss as the first symptom of your undiagnosed illness. Everything from high blood pressure, arthritis, cancer, thyroid disease, ringworm infections, and much more can result in triggering hair loss. Extreme weight loss either from something like crash dieting, an eating disorder, or another illness causing it can also be a trigger for your hair to start falling out.

Taking Steps to Stop Hair Loss Yourself

Due to the wide range of things that can cause or exacerbate hair loss what you can do yourself can be quite limited, but there are some small things and one big thing that you can do. Smaller things can make a massive difference to the health of your hair, improving your health if you have been letting things slip a little can be extremely helpful, especially when it comes to improving your diet. Having proper nutritional intake helps your body not just form the hair in the first place, but create the best quality hair it’s capable of in its current state. You can work on ensuring you maintain a consistent and good quality hair treatment regiment, including regular use of shampoo and conditioner, preferably a gentle shampoo as this is less likely to dry out your hair. Avoiding styling tools that use heat is another way to help prevent unnecessary hair damage that can increase problems you may be having elsewhere. The biggest thing you can do to take a significant step in the right direction is to ask for help, seek out an experienced professional in hair loss treatments. Hair loss is complex, and complicated things are often best addressed with professional advice.

When You’re Looking to Treat the Signs of Ageing in Melbourne

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