If you’re tired of trying to hide your double chin under a scarf or high neck jacket, perhaps it’s time to look at your options and not your fashion choices. There’s a variety of ways to deal with a double chin, and unlike what people often assume, not all of your options are surgical. For a lot of people, the chin can be a notoriously tricky area to slim down, making fat accumulation in the chin quite challenging to deal with using diet and exercise alone. Don’t assume you just aren’t doing enough necessarily and settle for a chin that distracts you from enjoying yourself socially, and can ruin the fun of getting the rest of your aesthetic just right.

Try and Maintain a Suitable Body Weight

While often a double chin can be problematic even as people reach quite ideal weights for their body type and size, they can often be reduced significantly if you are overweight. This is just a simple matter of fat distribution, as you increase your weight fat is distributed throughout your body, including your chin. So by doing your best to reach a healthy body weight for your size and shape, and maintaining this, you can often resolve minor double chin issues or at the very least reduce the size of your chin to a degree. As a bonus, if you get your weight in a more optimal range, you will likely require less treatment to get rid of a double chin if you choose to seek cosmetic procedures as well.

Nutrition and Diet to Get Rid of a Double Chin

Your diet is vital to your overall health, so this is always something that is good to regularly take a look at and make sure you are doing the best you can in this regard. Having a well-balanced diet will help you maintain consistent body weight. Combining this with a suitable amount of exercise can help you reduce your weight as well if this is something beneficial at your current size, especially if your diet was less than ideal before. Getting a proper intake of essential vitamins and minerals will also assist with skin health further helping with your appearance and skin quality.

Get Rid of a Double Chin with Kybella Injections

A modern approach to dissolving excess fat deposits in the chin, Kybella injections, also commonly referred to as double chin injections can be very effective. There is a growing trend, especially among the younger generation to avoid surgical options for cosmetic treatments, further increasing interest in this modern way to get rid of a double chin. There is no cutting, stitches, or liposuction involved in having your chin treated with Kybella injections. Kybella is an injectable treatment, and it is rapid to perform (taking around 15 minutes on average) and is capable of permanently stopping cells from accumulating and storing fat.

Ways to Tighten Your Skin After Treating a Double Chin

When you remove excess fat from your chin, a common issue is some excess skin remaining. If this is moderate and not too severe, there are some tremendous non-surgical approaches to treating this as well to further enhance the results after ridding yourself of a double chin. Thread lifts are a popular choice to combine with Kybella treatments, as is dermal fillers, both can assist in providing structure to the face. Dermal fillers applied to suitable areas can help pick up slack in the surrounding regions and tighten the skin while improving the prominence of other features. Thread lifts can provide not just a fantastic sweeping lift, but improve facial structure and stability as well.

Where Can I Get Rid of My Double Chin in Melbourne?

The best way to resolve a double chin concern is with the help of an experienced Cosmetic Doctor, like those at Skin Club in Melbourne. They can provide you with advice based on their understanding of the dynamics of the face and feature proportion. Their professionally run clinic offers a wide range of treatments for various cosmetic concerns, they are able not just to help you with your double chin, but provide a lift, or add volume where it is better suited and much more. Book a consultation today, and experience the finest service for cosmetic treatments in Melbourne.

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