Even with the rising popularity of dermal fillers, there are still myths that surround about their use. Here are some information on how you may benefit from fillers. 

People are obsessed with maintaining their youthful appearance since biological changes are inevitable. At the age of 30, the elasticity and collagen in our skin fades. One driving factor that makes injectable treatments in demand is the freedom to rejuvenate the appearance without resorting to surgery. Dermal fillers bring instant results safely through injection. Most fillers are made up of hyaluronic acid (HA) that is also found in our soft tissues and cartilage. This treatment is not long-lasting as HA fillers are breaks down over time. 

The use of fillers vary depending on the area that needs to be treated. Many filler brands have produced fillers that varies from thickness and cohesivity. Depending on the customization of the product, a filler can last up to 1 year. An unusual but beneficial feature of HA filler is its ability to be dissolved with hyaluronidase. This injectable product will reverse the unwanted result of the filler. 

It is important to keep in mind that fillers are not the same as Anti Wrinkle Injections. Oftentimes, these 2 terms are used interchangeably when in fact, these products have entirely different purposes. 

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