Chemical peels are classified by the depth to which they can rejuvenate the skin. Light chemical peels target the superficial layers of the skin.Others go deeper and penetrate the dermal layer. The degree of depth determines the depth of wrinkles/pigmentation being corrected by chemical peels, as well as the recovery time and length of results.

At SKIN CLUB we have PCA Ultra and Sensi peels for the superficial skin, giving at least 4 weeks between treatment intervals. These peels are ideal for the tired looking and stressed skin. The results are always loved by our clients leaving them with a healthier, fresher and youthful look.

To reach the deeper layers of the skin and provide a more complete treatment for many skin conditions, SKIN CLUB doctors utilise stronger concentrations of trichloroacetic acid (TCA) peels.

It has a greater effect on:
•Strong wrinkles
•Acne scarring and acne
•Milia (small, white cysts on the skin)
•Depressions in the skin

Dr. Pallavi Sharma is a cosmetic physician who specialises in using chemical peels to aid in repairing damaged skin and treating skin conditions. Her peels tend to acheive a smooth and more radiant look for the skin. Her professionalism and attention to detail makes sure that the skin peels are as effective as possible. Her work with skin peels ensures that each client is satisfied with the results of the procedure. If you are looking for superior chemical peels in Melbourne, SKIN CLUB peels set the gold standard for treatments.

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