The double chin is something that is frequently a cosmetic concern people want to have addressed, with so many options when it comes to cosmetic treatments these days, including where you should have them done, and by whom, it can get confusing. There are options for removing a double chin, some surgical, some more invasive, some non-surgical. All have their pros and cons, though one, in particular, stands out from the crowd with its ability to not just remove fat but permanently destroy fat cells on contact. Don’t just settle for the first option you can find, consider your options wisely as you may find one that is far better suited to your specific circumstances and what your particular goals and priorities are.

Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

The best thing you can do to make sure you are in the best state to treat a double chin is to ensure your diet and exercise regiment is in check. A healthy diet and sufficient exercise will help you be in the best health and assist in maintaining a bodyweight that is well suited to your size. While often a double chin is hard to shift, in many cases it can be at the very least reduced by improving your lifestyle choices, if they aren’t as good as they good be.

Chin and Neck Liposuction

Liposuction for the chin and neck is an option for double chin removal that is often considered. The process is quite direct; using a metal tube (cannula) and suction the fat sitting between the skin and muscle tissue in the chin and neck can be suctioned out. This procedure takes a little time to perform, often requiring an hour or two in the chair to be fully completed. Recovery can be somewhat intensive as well, as you will usually be instructed to wear a pressure garment or chin strap for at least a week following your double chin removal using liposuction. Liposuction procedures are quite versatile. Still, thanks to advances in science, you now have other options to consider that many people find are better suited to their modern, fast-paced lifestyles.

Double Chin Injections

A treatment that interest is growing in as more and more people experience the results that can be acheived; double chin injections are an effective treatment for double chin removal. The procedure is swift to perform, taking very little of your time with a session only requiring around a quarter of an hour on average. Long-lasting results are also acheived as this treatment permanently destroy the ability of fat-containing cells to store or accumulate fat in the future. If you can keep your weight relatively stable after you have had your double chin removed sufficiently, you are unlikely to need treatments again in the future. The recovery period is also significantly better than chin liposuction, with no requirement for a chin strap and being an injectable treatment, so there is limited if any downtime required for most people. If you experience any bruising this can be hidden with makeup if this is something you are concerned about, swelling is also a common side effect; however, this is usually tolerable and starts to dissipate in a few days.

Deciding on the Best Treatment for Double Chin Removal

Many factors can come into play when looking at which cosmetic treatments may be best suited to your needs. When you are dealing with a double chin, it may require you to also look at dealing with loose skin if this is a problem for you as well to get adequate results. You may also find significant benefit in combining a double chin removal with a thread lift treatment to add some support and life to your lower face. Speak with an experienced Cosmetic Doctor to get your specific situation assessed and receive some expert advice on which are the best options to reach your goals.

Best Treatments for Double Chin Removal in Melbourne

When searching desperately for a solution to a cosmetic concern it’s easy to get caught in the trap of going with the first option you find, and this results in gambling with the quality of service and the outcome you receive for convenience, so is far from ideal. If you are wondering where to get the best double chin injections in Melbourne, the answer is simple, Skin Club. Not only do they provide the most exquisite range of treatments and a professionally run clinic, but they also have staff that are skilled and experienced at performing these treatments, and many more options. Book a consultation today, without any further obligations, to find out why so many people love Skin Club.

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