If you are a woman often, your hair can be very precious to you, while this isn’t the case for everyone with some women even choosing to embrace a full shave, for a lot of people hair is a significant part of how people express themselves and their style. Sometimes women can be embarrassed they are experiencing hair loss as people sometimes stereotype hair loss as a problem for males and those receiving chemotherapy treatments. However, hair loss does not discriminate, not by age, gender, or health. Hair loss can strike anyone at any time and for a vast range of reasons. Instead of panic buying wigs or trying to hide your hair under a hoodie or hat, have a look at what you can potentially do to get your hair back on track because you do have options.

What Causes Female Hair Loss?

Hair loss in females is caused firstly by a lot of the same things that cause it in men as well, such as medication side effects, illness, nutritional deficiencies, ageing, and so much more. However, there are a few things in particular women face that commonly can result in hair loss. Pregnancy is one of these, postpartum hair loss can occur typically showing signs around 3-4 months after giving birth, but this can vary. The changes in hormonal balance in the body result in the hair shedding after pregnancy, but in the case of some people, this can reach excessive levels and become a problem. Menopause is another thing that frequently causes hair loss in women as they age and pass-through this part of life or those that suffer from early-onset menopause. Similar things cause both of these triggers for women, shifts in the hormonal balance in your body that are a shock to your system, thyroid issues such as thyroid disease can cause hair loss as well for the same kinds of reasons.

Natural Ways to Treat Female Hair Loss

While there is a list of natural remedies for hair loss that is seemingly never-ending, there are a few things you can do yourself to help your body produce the healthiest hair it can. Maintaining good health is key to helping your body maintain regular functions, so ensuring your intake of essential vitamins and minerals through a well-balanced diet can make a significant difference to the quality of your hair, especially if your diet is currently quite poor. Avoiding styling tools that use heat can reduce the amount of hair breakage you are experiencing, which may be making you lose even more hair when dealing with hair loss as the heat drys and damages the hair. Reducing your stress levels is another thing that can be helpful, an excellent way to both relax a little and stimulate your hair follicles is gentle scalp massage. Another essential thing to keep in mind is keeping yourself hydrated; your body struggles when you are not adequately hydrated, so to help it perform its best, keep up the hydration.

Finding the Best Clinic for Female Hair Loss

Experience is essential to receiving the best aesthetic treatments, including hair loss. In some areas, you may find yourself surrounded by options, some which may be great but others less than ideal. Check reviews and look at the overall sentiment for any clinic you are considering attending, don’t be swayed by a couple of extreme positive or negative comments as you will get a clearer picture looking at the average opinions people are sharing. Another great way to get some insight is to check the social media accounts of different clinics that treat hair loss in your area and look for previous work they’ve performed. If you have friends and family that have visited clinics near you, asking what their experience was like as well can be helpful.

Female Hair Loss Treatments in Melbourne

Skin Club in Melbourne specialises in providing a range of modern and evidence-based treatments for a significant number of cosmetic concerns. When it comes to professionalism, experience, and a well-run clinic, Skin Club make a fantastic choice for your hair loss treatments. Starting with an in-depth assessment of your scalp and hair during their consultation process, you can then take advantage of their skill and extensive experience dealing with a wide range of patients with different needs. Hair loss is complicated, experience matters, and at Skin Club, you can find that and more. Book an obligation-free consultation today, and see what you can do about your hair loss and any other cosmetic issues you may wish to address.

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