Top Health And Beauty Trends For 2018

Every year as products become safer and rise in popularity more people hear and see the results from their friends, colleagues and the media. Some procedures are becoming more mainstream and varieties of them on the rise and we expect to see more of this is 2018.

Younger Patients Are Becoming More Common For Dermal Filler Procedures

Previously, cosmetic procedures have had a little stigma and been associated with older people trying to escape from the signs of aging. Dermal fillers work well for a variety of issues, enhancements and rejuvenation work. Everything from acne scars to filling out and giving a patient more plump limps for that perfect pout. These are just some of the things now attracting more and more younger patients into Cosmetic Doctor’s Clinics all over the world, with such little downtime and recovery it’s even more attractive for the face paced lifestyles of many in their twenties. This makes dermal fillers an ideal option for any age and demographic especially if they are very active, social and looking to either enhance their appearance or maintain it without the drastic commitments surgical procedures can come with. Fillers are a trend that has been around for a while but with the constant improvement of products and great results, it is not going away anytime soon so expect to see a lot of it in 2019.

Lip Augmentation Is Booming

A trend only somewhat started by Kylie Jenner caused a surge of interest in lip injections is only part of the reason they are becoming so popular. As mentioned previously they are becoming more prevalent with younger clients as well as patients in their middle age and beyond are all lining up to receive them. Patients self-conscious of their thin lips are especially interested in this treatment as it’s fantastic for dealing with naturally thinner lips or thinning caused by aging. Woman who want to proudly wear their favorite lipstick without insecurity are discovering dermal filler lip augmentation can be a fantastic choice to fulfill their aesthetic goals.

Facial Resurfacing

Another procedure that seems to be on the uptrend and seeing a lot of growth is facial resurfacing. As we get older, we see signs of aging and it becomes harder for our bodies to produce sufficient amounts of the chemicals required to keep looking as young and vibrant. Elastin and Collagen naturally reduce production in the body as we get older. At around 18 skin cells are renewed every day but by forty, skin cells on average are regenerated more typically every month, big difference. There’s no way to fight this kind of massive change over the years without a bit of extra assistance. Collagen induction treatments using fractional radiofrequency a non-invasive procedure to help build collagen has remarkable results when it comes to firming and tightening that can make a patient look younger without using far more invasive surgical options. Microdermabrasion, laser treatments and many of the latest physician prescribable creams have resurfacing abilities that can also help fight the signs of aging to help people look their best in 2018. A Cosmetic Doctor can discuss your needs, budget and areas of concern and work with you to determine the best course of action to acheive your 2018 beauty goals using the best options available and tailored to you. At Skin Club our Cosmetic Doctors can provide everything from dermal filler treatments to PRP injections and so much more. Booking a consultation at our Melbourne based clinic in Chapel St will help you decide if and what is best for you to have you feeling beautiful and looking amazing. If you are looking to leave a mark on 2018 or get one off your face give us a call on (03) 9999 7368

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