Hair loss is a widespread problem, but there are a few things you can you do to try and reduce it as much as possible. Everyone can experience hair loss and if your hair fall has reached a point where it seems unnaturally heavy, or you are concerned it may be, seek out professional advice and see what can be done or what may be causing it that may be corrected.

Maintaining a Consistent and Balanced Diet

One of the biggest things you should always look to first when you have a minor health issue or are feeling worse than you think you should is to consider your current diet. Ensuring you get enough balance in your diet is key to providing your body with the best foundation for not just operating well but also producing all the various chemicals the body requires to perform its assorted functions that aren’t found in food. Hair loss is something that can be caused by a poor diet, so if your diet is below average, it’s something you should really look at and try and improve where you can, and see if the health of your hair follows suit.

Support Your Hair with a Quality Hair Care Regiment

Sometimes what seems like hair loss caused by something health-related or otherwise can merely be caused by poor management of your hair care regiment. Regular washing of your hair is essential as it keeps the scalp healthy and in turn, reduces hair loss, it’s worthwhile trying to find a milder shampoo rather than a harsher one as this may just result in dry hair and make the situation worse by leading to an increase in breakage. Frequent conditioning can help reduce hair dryness; a quality conditioner can be quite beneficial to help with hair fall and damage. If you are having difficulties with thinning hair, it’s worthwhile trying to do what you can to maintain the hair you do have in the best state to try and minimise the loss you are experiencing.

Be Careful When Styling

Styling is an area where people often don’t realise how much breakage can be caused, especially by more aggressive styling techniques. Even a ponytail may result in pulling hair out at the root and result in excessive hair loss. Using heat when styling, such as curling irons and hair straighteners are another common area where the hair can be weakened and dried out, that in turn leads to increased breakage. While styling hair is something a lot of people genuinely enjoy, by trying to take note of the ways you are going about it, especially if you are having problems with your hair thinning, you may find some of your styling choices are making the problem worse.

Choose Hair Colour and Types of Chemical Treatments Wisely

Hair colour comes in various forms, some more aggressive, especially the permanent dyes. Some are more gentle, especially semi-permanent dyes and those that don’t contain ammonia or peroxide. Chemical treatments are another thing to be wary of depending on what they contain and their goal. Some may be beneficial to your hair, and others may result in damage while attempting to produce the desired aesthetic result such as perms. So when making changes to your hair with dyes or other chemical treatments, weigh your options wisely if you are trying to reduce hair damage and in turns increased hair loss.

Book a Consultation with a Specialist in Treating Hair Loss

If you are concerned about your rate of hair loss, or experience hair fall that seems excessive and has you worried, the best thing you can do is be assessed by someone experienced in dealing with hair loss and have the state of your hair checked to then start looking at what may be causing it and how you can work towards regaining thicker hair. At Skin Club in Melbourne, they are adept at helping patients with hair loss concerns, ensuring to take the time to try and rule out as many underlying causes as possible before offering advice on what to do to best treat hair loss. Book an obligation-free consultation with Skin Club today and see what you can do to get your hair back on track and looking great.

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