Top 5 Reasons for Having Liposuction


People choose to seek out liposuction for a wide variety of reasons. Some may be more obvious than others, but there’s a wide variety of issues people seek to approach with the help of this incredibly useful cosmetic procedure. Below are just a few of the reasons that liposuction is such a commonly requested procedure and one that has remained popular for decades.

Sculpt and Shape Your Body

While liposuction is generally not considered a weight-loss surgery and instead more a fat reduction surgery, it can do wonders for sculpting and shaping your body, especially if you are already in good shape. Often people seek to push things further when they have gotten their size to where they are happy with and assume that’s the end of the road. Still, surprisingly liposuction or in this case liposculpture can help assist in giving more refined definition even when you have everything else as good as you can get it. While it can be common to think of liposuction as a surgery for people who are a little larger, that is far from the case. Many people make great candidates for liposuction if they want to reduce the size of fat deposits in specific areas even if they are quite slim. It shouldn’t be considered a weight-loss surgery at all; this is a common misconception.

Increase Confidence and Motivation

If you are struggling with confidence due to things like a fatty chin or large thighs but are otherwise at a stable weight that you are happy with and in general good health, you may find liposuction can help increase your confidence and body satisfaction. It can also be a great motivator to get to the gym more, get out and socialise more, and just enjoy your life more. While it’s not a treatment for depression by any means, even minor adjustments can sometimes make a world of difference about how you feel about yourself and at the end of the day how you feel about yourself is the most important thing.

Treat Gynecomastia in Men

While many men may claim that cosmetic things don’t bother them, it’s likely far from the truth, and things like dealing with having enlarged or swollen breast tissue is one of those things that can often make men feel uncomfortable or less confident. Often removing man boobs can be accomplished with the help of liposuction, as men suffering from oversized breasts can find it challenging to deal with this through diet and exercise alone. If this is an issue you face don’t be embarrassed as it’s actually quite common. When getting liposuction to treat gynecomastia, any doctor experienced in performing liposuction should not even be remotely surprised by your interest in having this performed.

Remove Lipomas

While often lipomas are removed with an excisional surgery if they start to get larger or there are multiple lipomas, liposuction can be a very excellent alternative. When lipomas are removed with liposuction, there is typically a reasonably low recurrence rate, and often there is a minimal malignance rate when it comes to lipomas as well. If you are looking for a way to get rid of a lipoma, liposuction to remove lipomas may be a fantastic solution for your problem. If you are considering an excisional surgery for your lipoma, it may be worth discussing your options with your doctor and seeing what they advise is best in your situation.

Fight Genetics

Genetics plays a huge part in how we look, including things like fat distribution. This connection makes genetics one of the big things that people have liposuction for at the end of the day, albeit indirectly. Often areas like this will have been a problem no matter what weight range you were at and usually starting at a young age. However, some of these can get worse as you age such as developing an oversized chin or holding a lot of fat in your thighs and many other areas that just don’t respond all that well to refining your diet and optimising your exercise regimen. Often like balding, you may notice trends in your family with particular ways your body tends to store fat. If an area is of concern to you, often liposuction can be a big help in reducing the fat held in these areas as sculpting a shape that is more your preference.


There is a vast list of reasons people consider liposuction and these are just a few. If you are considering liposuction book yourself a consultation with a well-run clinic staffed by skilled doctors, such as the impressive Skin Club in Melbourne. Not just staffed with experienced doctors it is owned and operated by them to extremely high standards which is only one of the reasons many people consider them one of the best places to get liposuction in Melbourne.

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