There’s a variety of myths about lip fillers floating around; this is typical of anything that has a boom in popularity as lip fillers have in recent years. While some of them aren’t purely fiction, they often lack context or are generally avoidable, rare, or aren’t the result directly of lip fillers, and more often than not are caused or affected by the specifics of how, with what, and who performed the treatments. Modern, high-quality lip fillers that are applied by a professional with experience are considered a quite safe cosmetic treatment, not to suggest any treatment doesn’t come with some kind of risk profile, when it comes to lip fillers the most common side effects are minor bruising and swelling making them well worth considering, especially when compared to other forms of lip augmentation requiring surgery.

Lip Fillers Look Fake

In some cases, people opt for more extreme enhancements, and while these can stand out and be quite noticeable, they can often still look very natural, typically far more so than lip implants of larger sizes as well. Lip fillers are brilliant at being able to provide a very natural result thanks to advances in the quality, types, and range of lip fillers available an experienced injector can produce very natural results especially at more moderate sizes. The most common type of lip fillers used in recent years is made from a substance already naturally found in the body and lips making it very hard to spot you’ve had lip enhancements unless you tell people a lot of the time. The lip fillers look fake myth is busted by how many people you likely come across in your day to day life you’d never think twice have had any lip injectables or lip augmentation at all.

Lip Fillers are Dangerous

While lip fillers have potential side effects, even a couple of common ones, they are considered a quite safe cosmetic treatment. When you compare the recovery and risks to more invasive or surgical types of lip augmentation, you have to admit; lip fillers come out on top by quite the margin. The most common side effects are bruising and swelling, that is usually minor, lasting on average a few days if it occurs to a moderate extent. More extensive bruising that is less common can last a little longer, this is less common and often a result of inexperience or a patient taking blood thinners.

Lip Fillers Don’t Feel Real

Another common myth similar to the assumption lip fillers don’t look real, like this one, it is at best an exaggeration of occasional circumstances and less than optimal outcomes. Well performed lip filler treatments that settle well feel extremely natural once any initial swelling subsides. Sometimes due to an inexperienced injector applying fillers poorly, being too rough with the lips too soon after treatment, and other factors, lip fillers may not settle well and feel bumpy or lumpy in places. If this doesn’t pass if you received lip fillers that are dissolvable using an enzyme injection (many popular lip fillers products are suitable for this) you can deal with this and have the fillers dissolved, which then are rapidly absorbed and metabolised by the body.

Lip Fillers Don’t Last Long

While lip fillers are semi-permanent, this doesn’t mean they are by any means short-lived. Depending on the specific type of product used, and how quickly your body breaks down the fillers, they last between 6 – 18 months. When you take into account how long the average lip filler treatment takes, you get a very respectable balance. Varying primarily depending on how much filler you are having applied to your lips the average treatment is only 15 minutes, it’s extremely time-efficient even if you use a product with a lasting period on the lower end of the scale.

It’s Hard to Find Good Lip Fillers or Clinics

This is actually somewhat true, there’s a lot of experienced injectors out there performing lip filler treatments, but there are also some fantastic options available you just have to find them. While there’s often a lot of options depending on where you live for where you get your lip fillers performed, in Melbourne, you have an amazing choice in both these regards available to you. Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors in Melbourne source the finest lip fillers from all over the world and provide their patients with expert care from their skilled Cosmetic Doctors. This myth is easily busted by booking an obligation-free consultation with them today and finding out that when you put a little with a little care into your selection you can find the finest lip filler treatments.

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